Dragon Product Review: Chocovron and the Amazing Variety to a Favorite Pinoy Pasalubong

Hello Sweeties!

Before the Holidays, I got a PM to review a set of locally made polvoron. Since I loved food and anything sweet. I readily agreed. Little did I know, that there were such variety in polvoron.

Polvoron is a traditional Filipino dessert of Spanish descent. It is a mixture of toasted flour, milk, sugar, and butter shaped into a bite-size cake as a delightful treat. Like Reeses’ peanut butter cups, One just isn’t enough!

ChocoVron is the brain child of Joel and his wife Marissa, it was their desire to make an all-time favorite Filipino delicacy into something extraordinarily special, like Polvoron. It led to the creation of ChocoVron, the first chocolate coated Polvoron.

Like all small business ChocoVron was sold to family and friends but word of the a great and unique product travels fast and they became famous in bazaars. Soon after they started appearing in groceries, department stores from their 10 packs a day production it grew into the thousands!

Check out these fantastic varieties:

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