Event: Go Positive! The Celebrity Advocates Media Launch

G!Hello Sweeties!

I grew up in a household where we were all afraid of my father. Whenever any of us did anything naughty we often saw The BELT. That is what he uses to punish us kids. Although I am the only female child (I have and older and a younger brother), I saw that belt more often growing up than my both my siblings combined. I was one VERY naughty child. Because of this I was never tried to get close to my father, because he welded THE BELT.

I would like to think that I turned out relatively normal, (not a psychopath) and that my father is a good person in spite of the corporal punishment but I always thought that sort of discipline was “alright” because it was the common practice as far as I know. That is until I got the invitation from PETA.



I received the invitation on my  Dragon Chatter page for Go Positive! Celebrity Advocates Media Launch about Positive Discipline.

Positive Discipline is an approach to guiding children`s behavior without using any form of violence like spanking, pinching, humiliation and verbal abuse. It is about instilling values of non-violence, empathy, self-respect, human rights and respect for others. Advocates champion positive discipline as a disciplinary method that involves open communication with a child, making sure that the parent-child relationship is rooted on mutual love and respect. It ensures that the child, making sure that the understands the consequences of his action and allows him to make his own decisions, making discipline a matter of deep understanding and going beyond blind obedience.

This is a relatively new concept at least in the Philippine setting, with almost every household considers spanking the “norm”.

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