Event: Feel the Christmas Air at SM City North EDSA


Christmas is definitely in the air! As you enter SM City North EDSA, you will feel the magic in the air. Glittering, sparkling and sprinkled with a lot of cheer.  SM is definitely the destination for Christmas in the North. SM City North EDSA unwraps the most festive season of the year by making Northbound Wishes come true.

SM transforms their The Block Atrium into a wishing station, surrounded by cute little teddy bears called Santa Paws!

I was happy to have been a witness to the SM North EDSA The Block’s launching of their fantastic Christmas exhibit, Kiddies and kids at heart like myself were in awe with the enchanting lights and sound spectacle.

Curious about the launching at The Block? Read on!

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Breathe Easy with RespoKare, the World’s First US FDA-Cleared Anti-Viral Face Mask


The “-ber” months may have passed, but we are still in the middle of what is known as “cough and cold” season: changes in weather and temperature make people more vulnerable to problems such as cough and the common cold, which, while curable over time, make it difficult for a person to keep up with the demands of everyday life. Prevention being the best cure, as many a doctor would say, it is important to have some sort of everyday protection, not only against dust and smoke, but also from viruses and bacteria, to keep these and many other respiratory problems away.​Understanding this need for effective protection, Innonix Technologies, Inc. has developed the first and the only anti-viral face mask approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (US FDA). The end result is RespoKare, a face mask specially made to offer protection not only from your everyday dust, soot, and other respiratory irritants and allergens, but from harmful germs as well. RespoKare’s protective layers work to neutralize airborne germs—unlike other face masks which generally only act as particle filters—to keep wearers safe from a multitude of problems.


​At the heart of RespoKare’s technology is its four layers, each of which exercises a particular function. The outermost layer, composed of spun-bond PPE with a hydrophilic and acidic coating, effectively traps and denatures the cell structures of bacteria and viruses. The second layer is unique to this product: a germ-killing layer, composed of dyed rayon with metallic ions, effectively neutralizes even the most harmful of airborne germs. A third, non-active layer of melt-blown PPE acts as a filter for finer particles. Finally, a fourth layer, composed of spun-bond PPE, acts as a final barrier, and ensures that prolonged skin contact does not result in irritation and other similar side effects.

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