Dragon Foodie Review: Cafe Breton

Cafe Breton

Hello Sweeties!

Raffy and I attended a great VIP screaming of a nice family film called Mother`s Day that I know a lot of Mommies like me can relate to. For dinner, Raffy and I decided on something light since we already got great snacks from the movie and were still quiet full. We tried Cafe Breton, at the Podium.

We really liked that they had a ope air area, although we did not stay there because of the heat, it reminded me of the cafes in Europe when I was there. The lower floor area is small but cozy. We decided to dine there, a lot of people who came in opted to go to their 2nd floor.

Raffy was full since she had pasta and light snacks, I wanted to try out the something heavier.

Curious about what we had ? Read on!

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