Dragon Chatter Product Review: Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid and more

Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid comes in 3 variants: Lemon, Calamansi and Antibac

Hello Sweeties!

Growing up my household task or rather my preferred  task has always been doing the dishes as opposed to cooking which my Mom does with a lot of flare.  When I was 8 years old my Mom and I agreed that whenever school was out and I found her in the kitchen cooking for us, I would be her assistance and help out while she cooks by cleaning up the sink of the used utensils and pans. In a way it was a form of bonding for us.  Now I find washing the dishes soothing, there is something about seeing dishes getting squeaky clean after being filled with great dishes.

Now that I am a Mom myself, I started getting my kids to help out in the kitchen thru washing dishes at an early age, like what my mom did to me.  They do complain off and on because like me their hands get super dry and my daughter would finds herself with peeling hands. Ay karamba!  Teen years are such a sensitive time for them I don’t want my daughter ending up “unloved” because she did not creamy soft hands.


It is a good thing I was giving samples of Bubble Man Dishwashing Liquid to try out.

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Dragon Product Review: Organic Baby Wipes Now Part of this Dragon Mommy`s Battle Gear


Hello Sweeties!

Ever since I can remember my Mom always had tissues, alcohol and soap inside her ginormous bag whenever she leaves the house. As kids we used to joke that her bag was a bottomless mine of things we will ever need in our everyday life. (This includes rubber bands, paper clips stomach/pain meds, band aids and extra shirts for us). Now that I am a Mom myself, I understand and applaud how innovative she is. A Mom must be prepared for every emergency.

One of the must haves of every Mommy are wet wipes. Seriously no joke. I have two very active kids. Growing up I used up a lot of wipes mostly the large and very damp ones, I usually prefer to use a damp cloth and water for these messes but when you are nowhere near a water source or just can`t leave your child, baby wipes are just a go to.

At times I found that although wipes are helpful they can be irritating when you use it on the skin more so on baby/ child`s sensitive skin maybe because of the harsh chemicals like paraben and alcohol.

That was when Mommy Bloggers Philippines offered us Mommies to review a new brand of baby wipes, I signed up to try this.

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