MSAP launches ASCENDANT: The 2017 Media Congress

The biggest and largest gathering of the country’s media experts and practitioners will take place in Baguio City on September 6-9. Now on its 3rd year, the Media Specialists of the Philippines (MSAP) brings the 2017 Media Congress to braver heights with the theme ASCENDANT.

Expected to bring in more than 2,000 delegates, the 2017 Media Congress probes that this is the biggest yet Media Congress to date, as it will be the first to have a 3 ½ -day event and will be brought outside Metro Manila. This year’s theme is designed to talk about the rising power of media, influencing and dominating behavior, culture and business and harnessing this for nation building and the greater good.
The congress promises to feature global and local speakers with fresh voices, presenting different perspectives, and new lenses in our industry.

Venus R. Navalta Media Congress Chairperson

Leading this year’s Media Congress as Chairperson is Venus R. Navalta, IPG Mediabrands CEO. “This is the year that we cement the leading role of media agencies on navigating this interconnected world to drive business growth for clients and real value to people. This is what ASCENDANT is all about – on how we rise and embrace this new level of influence. The whole board of the 2017 Media Congress sets high standards with our careful selection of relevant, impactful content, a fresh speaker line-up that is inclusive, and the overall congress experience.”

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Dragon Foodie Review: Canto Baguio

Canto Baguio Dragon Chatter

Hello Sweeties!

My family and I finally got a chance to go on a short vacation together. I know it is hard to believe when traveling is made simpler in the age of technology and mobile booking.  To be honest, we needed to prioritize a lot of other more important things. A lot of my friends have been encouraging me to travel with my children while they were still young and willing to come along and not do their own thing. We decided on Baguio.

Canto Baguio Dragon Chatter

A trip to Baguio will not be complete without food. There were a lot of diners and food establishments in Baguio to choose from but the cab driver we spoke to recommended the Ketchup Food Community at Wright Park. It  features local produce in their menu and has a great selection of concept restaurants to choose from.  Canto was one of the most talked about. We were surprised as we ventured to Ketchup Food Community that there was a line all the way outside, it was for CANTO!  We thought we would never get a chance to eat there, coz of the unbelievable crowd.

Guess what? There`s another branch of Canto, found a few streets away from Mines View Park.

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