Save Children from Diseases! Help MSF Medecins San Frontieres/ Doctors Without Borders thru the #AskPharma Campaign

A Fair Shot

Hello Sweeties!

As a young Mom waaaay back when (the kids are teenagers now), I always made it a point to follow my kids’ vaccination schedule as per advice by their pediatrician.  It is important to have your child vaccinate to protect them against diseases. When the child is fully vaccinated there is a lesser chance of contracting preventable diseases and also stop the spread of such diseases in your own family.

I can’t emphasis enough the importance of having your child vaccinated.  Lets’ face it. Not everyone can afford the whole range of vaccines needed to protect your child from preventable diseases, duh we live in the Philippines.

That is why when I was invited by Mommy Bloggers Philippines to Doctors without Borders /Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) event, I was excited to learn more about their #AskPharma  campaign.

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