Press Release: Artifacts, A New Bathroom Faucet Collection from Kohler,Puts a Personal Spin on Traditional Design


 Inspired by turn-of-the-century charm and backed by the Kohler Company’s 140 years of quality craftsmanship, the KOHLER Artifacts bathroom faucet collection brings a new level of personalization to the bath. Artifacts invites the homeowner to confidently select details that reflect a taste and style that is theirs alone by choosing from three spouts and three handles—all available in five finishes.

​“There’s this undeniable thrill that comes with discovering a piece that resonates with your design aesthetic, whether it’s an antique uncovered at a salvage shop or a vintage treasure snatched up from your travels,” says Julie Kober, Kohler Faucets product manager. “Curating your own Artifacts faucet evokes that same feeling.”


​And just as classic design sees a resurgence in kitchen and bath trends, the introduction of the Artifacts collection couldn’t be more timely. Its Edwardian roots play well in traditional and transitional baths—even in modern spaces, where its timeless form offers an historic juxtaposition for a more eclectic aesthetic. Fifteen accessories, including a tumbler, soap dispenser and a toilet paper carriage make it easy to create a complete, cohesive look.

​Artifacts’ design may embody all that is old world, but its digital experience is anything but. On, homeowners and members of the trade can explore the collection’s design possibilities with a configurator tool that allows users to get a realistic visualization of how the different spouts, handles and finishes interplay from the comfort of their own home, whether its on a laptop, tablet or mobile device. Faucet designs can then be shared through social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest. “Making the online shopping experience interactive not only better serves the consumer, but helps capture the essence of the collection and ignites inspiration for the space,” Kober says, which is especially important given recent findings from a Harris Interactive poll: 45 percent of those surveyed turn to their smartphones to research products, while 81 percent research on their PCs. “While Artifacts reflects the growing trend in traditional design, it reflects the even bigger trend of empowering the consumer to create something truly her own—and Artifacts is right in line with both.”

Press Release: From Kolher and Greenbulb