This Rainy Season Mommies, Let us be Allies Against Dengue!

Allied Against Dengue stage

Hello Sweeties!

It was September 2011 when I had a really close call with dengue fever. My daughter who was in the 12 when she was diagnosed with it. At that time there was an epidemic of dengue in the Marikina where Raffy was studying, there is hardly enough beds for patients in the hospitals. I was in the state of panic and worry. With my husband working abroad, I had to handle everything on my own. It was a time I did not want to experience again, nor I want any parent to do so.

GlaxoSmithKline Philippines, in cooperation with the Department of Health has come out with a campaign gear on an aggressive information, education and awareness.

Dengue is the fastest-growing vector-borne infection in the world and Southeast Asia in the heart of dengue mosquito breeding due to the tropical climate. In the Philippines, dengue outbreak has spread to more areas and impacted more lives. Recently I heard on the news that there were more then 1,000 thousand cases of dengue in Baguio City, they can no longer accommodate patients in the hospitals! This is just too scary for words.

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