Swish Expert Care Mouthwash: Be Always Fresh with Swish! by Unilab

Hello Sweeties!

Oral hygiene is a very important part of my family`s daily life. My son Jarod was diagnosed with autism when he was 3 and his Occupational therapist advised us to get him used to a certain routine at home. It is very important that at a young age he gets used and practice it.

We started teaching him to gargle when he turned 8 years old as per advice of his OT teacher and our family dentist. They recommended adding a mouthwash to our daily routine because mouthwash is effective in the fight against tooth decay, gingivitis as well it promotes healthy teeth and gums and to a child with autism routine and self care is everything.

Benefits to using a mouthwash (along with regular brushing and flossing):

  •  Freshens breathe – it reduces bath breath, kills bacteria associated with causing bad breathe leaving a mouth minty fresh
  • Prevents the build up of plaque – It helps prevent plaque build up in the gums, in-between teeth and on the surface.
  • When used before brushing loosens particles in the mouth making brushing and flossing easier.
  • Stop the formation of cavities – since mouthwashes contains  fluoride that can prevent cavities and  strengthen teeth enamel

Our family  tried a lot of the brands but he found the others too strong and leaves a burning sensation in his mouth in the end, he would rather skip gargling.

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