Help Build Libraries! Join National Bookstore Read Out Loud Challenge

Hello Sweeties!

I remember the first time I ever held my first non-picture book. It was a Nancy Drew hard bound book, the title escapes me but I was very excited to hold it in my hands. Mind you have been reading books on my own since I was 3 years old and most of them were long thin books with large colorful photos, but now at 7 years old am finally ready to go a step further.

My feelings about books and reading runs very deep. As a child I was always left alone on my own devices during the summer. My parents were not believers of  Summer Programs or Summer Activities since they were both so busy about making ends meet. So I am left in the company of my siblings who prefer television and rowdy play. So I go travel in the pages of my favorite books and I will spend my summer days content. Now a days though, children are not given the same opportunity to develop a love for reading.  Some are not even lucky enough to own a book or have a place to borrow them.

My daughter, Raffy’s book shelf, well part of her book self

I don’t know about you but there is a certain satisfaction and a bit of sadness as we finish a book and finally put it up a shelf.  No matter what book you finish you are forever changed, you become richer in terms of knowledge and your views widen. Out of all the books you have read, I am sure like me you have favorites you come back to and possibly share with friends and family

Spreading the love for reading among Filipinos is at the core of National Book Store (NBS).

This year, the country’s favorite book store is celebrating 75 years of creating a growing nation of readers and being a strong advocate for education.

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