SALE ALERT: Take Advantage of the Crumpler Bags and Accessories Sale

Crumpler 4Hello Sweeties!

I have always been fond of photography,even before I started blogging. As a child I always like taking photos using the manual camera. I enjoy taking photos and I learned after years of doing so, it is best to purchase  a good camera and to invest in a great bag to carry it in to make sure it is protected.

I have always been a fan of Crumpler gadget bags from Australia ever since my brother got me one for my DSLR camera.

Crumpler Camera Bag 5 Millon Dollar

My 1st Crumpler Camera Bag: 5 Million Dollar Home for DSLRs

Crumpler bags are for people who know how to live: adventurers, photographers, riders, designers, makers, thinkers, doers.  Each of their products are purpose designed, constructed with quality materials and made to last with a  lifetime warranty. They’ve been at this since 1992 – for better and worse – and learned a lot along the way.

What I really like about Crumpler is that unlike other bags they come in great designs, colors and water resistant materials.

After I got my Sony Alpha 6000, I wanted to get a Camera Insert for bags, so I can be sure that my mirrorless camera and the zoom lens are protected accidental bumps, scrapes and accidental liquid spillage (in case it rains ).

I saved up enough cash, coz Crumpler bags don`t come cheap. Their camera inserts cost around 1,850php-2250php.  I headed to my favorite branch located at 3rd level TriNoma.

Crumpler 5

All bags and accessories on sale and the more items you purchase the higher the discount

I was told that they had an on going sale at their two branches TriNoma and Bonifacio High Street. 

Here is how the sale works:

  • Buy 1 item Get 50% Off
  • Buy 2 items Get 60% Off
  • Buy 3 items Get 70% Off
  • You can get the full 70% discount if you buy 3 items of the same category. For example, if you buy a bag , a camera insert or luggage as long as it is 3 items you get 70% off. If you get all accessories like keychain, camera straps, wallets etc. that is a different discount and won`t count as a bag discount
  • There is not limit to the number of items you can buy but the final discount will always be 70%.
  • Discount is until supplies last.

My budget is 2,000php, since I only planned to get the Haven coz of the great timing and I got more than I bargain for with a big discount to boot!

Crumpler 6

Haven (Small) Original Price: 1850php got it at 50% off or 925php

Crumpler 3

Crumpler Noose Camera Strap Original Strap 850php but because I also bought the cute keychains I got the lot with the 70% discount making this item just 255php

Crumpler 8

Cute Crumpler keychains are priced at 150php each I got for them for 45php each

Crumpler 9

Crumpler Haven with my Sony Alpha 6000 and Zoom lens

So going back to my original budget of  2,000php, in the end I bought the  following:

Haven (small) (1)-             925php
camera strap   (1)-             255php
Keychain           (2)-               90php
Total                              :           1,270php         I actually saved 730php

Aside from the items I stated, they also have pouches for your iPads, laptop bags and even luggage! So if you are in the market for sturdy, fashionable and high quality gadget bags head on over to Crumpler either at Bonifacio High Street or TriNoma to get big discounts, you won`t regret it.

Until next time!

Muah! signature joeydragonlady