Komiket: The Filipino Comics and Art Market at SM Mega Mall

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Even with the suggestion from the health department that it is best that if we did not go to public places because of the 2019 nCoV ARD but  did not stop us from going to the Komiket at SM Mega Mall. We ventured on last Saturday February 8, 2020 and by we I meant me and my son Jarod.

The Komiket usually happens at Centris Elements but this time its a new venue, SM Mega Mall Trade Hall A. I don’t usually go to Mega Mall anymore because I felt it was too far away and I had other malls closer to home to shop for what I need.

Since it’s the Komiket and I have been waiting for a copy of Russel Molina’s Sixty-six, my son and I planned our commute.

Ticket art by Mervin Malaonzo

The ticket cost 100php and totally worth it. The ticket itself is a great piece of art by comics creator and artist Mervin Malonzo the author of The Tabi-Tabi Po books, a Spanish era horror series you guys should really check out here.

They opened the gates of the Mega trade hall A around 11 AM. Which is a good thing Jarod and I were there at 11 AM.

Komiket Kommunity Anthology with the theme: Manila 2019-2050 City of Future

The first 1,000 ticket holders get a copy of the Komiket Kommunity Anthology with this year’s theme: Manila 2019-2050 City of Future.

Sixty-six by Russel Molina and Mikey Marchan Price: 220 PhP

Pre-signed copy by Russel Molina

I know I could have gotten the books sold at the Komiket else where, heck even on-line after a few weeks but I have been waiting for the 2nd book, the sequel to Sixty-Six for what seems like years now and I could not wait. Also I wanted a copy of Pol Medina’s Ink & Politics 4 which is very timely.

Ink & Politics 4 by Pol Medina Price: 300PhP

Ink & Politics 4 signed copy

In Steady Decline by Sunday Domingo from booth 36 at Haliya Publishing

Missing Links Anthology plus bonus Mendiola 1987

Check out some of the booths mostly they have art prints and

The booths are not even the best part really. The best part is there is more Komiket events to come in the next few months.

1st Philippine International Comics Festival on June 12-14, 2020 at the Green Sun Hotel Makati City

Philippine International Comics Festival (PICOF) will open its doors for the first time from June 12 to 14, 2020 at Green Sun- The Hotel, Makati. Witness 11 Filipino graphic novels contending for the Best Komiks Prize!

Of course, the festival is not limited to only appreciating comics around the globe. People genuinely appreciate a certain topic once they have a deep understanding of it. In order to accomplish that, workshops and seminars will also take place in the said at PICOF.

The workshop focuses on the creator’s rights, industry practices and storytelling from Senior Creators, Industry Professionals, and International Guests. Lastly, exhibitors can pitch their work to other publishers—a great way to widen their network.

Check out the official selection

From 94 entries , nationwide, rise eleven graphic novels, fresh  off the presses and ready to compete in the 1st Philippine International Comics Festival. Each finalist has a unique voice, with the variety of this selection, we komiks fan can never go wrong! I am so excited to get copies all these stories! I just can’t wait for June!

You can still catch the Komiket today up to 7 PM at SM Mega Mall Mega Trade Hall A.

My February 2020 Komiket haul

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