Journey to Motherhood in All It’s Many Faces, a review of Nanay, Nanay Paano Maging Ina?

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What is motherhood?  Each of us, I am certain has a story to tell about our mothers even those who grew up with one. What is motherhood anyway?  The Washington Post wrote that “Motherhood. It’s exhausting.inspiring, soul-sucking and purpose giving. It makes your question everything, while also feeling like you know it all.”   This is what the ebook Nanay, Nanay, Panno Ba Maging Ina? all about.

My beasties… Jarod less than a year old and Raffy at 2 1/2 years

The stories are written in Filipino so the feels are deeper, familiar and heart throbbing.

The stories written in 12 stories, 12 first hand accounts of motherhood from 6 amazing women of The Filpino Homemakers. A mother of course before turns into one are many things. She is first someone’s daughter, then a lover, wife before she become a one; afterwards she ends up wearing many other hats becoming or striving become many things to her child.  First teacher, cook, craftsman, chauffeur,  best-friend, sometimes evil witch that stands in the way of their happiness. 

The stories in this ebook are all heart wrenching, real, funny, thought provoking and relatable perhaps because it is all true.  I honestly cried in certain portions because I too felt the same emotions, had the same experiences in the pursuit of making things better not just for myself but also my family, like the mothers in this book.


Still my darling beasties… Jarod now 17, Raffy now 20

I really enjoyed reading (and brawling) this ebook perhaps I had an the privilege of knowing some of the ladies who shared their stories firsthand and also in a way this book assured me that I am not alone in my emotions and experiences about motherhood. 

One of my favorite authors on motherhood Erma Bombek said “It is not until you are a mother that your judgement slowly turns to compassion and understanding.”

Grab a copy of the ebook Nanay, Nanay, Panno Ba Maging Ina?  at The Filipino Homemakers FB page.

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