Interactive Art via the Art Karnival at the SM North EDSA Skygarden


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I had an interesting time yesterday as SM City North EDSA Kicks Off this summer with ART KARNIVAL, for those who frequent SM North. where the Skygarden and Skydome is located, they now have  an interactive and fun exhibit. It is pretty eye catching and if pay attention there are details all throughout the Skygarden area.

Instead of he usual summer activities SM City North EDSA initiated a different mall going experience though a voyage of discovery of the visual arts.

Gaby dela Merced of Vinyl on Vinyl

Artist on exhibit at the SM North EDSA Skygarden

Through a partnership with Vinyl on Vinyl, one of Manila’s hippest contemporary art galleries. SM North EDSA supports young artists Anjo Bolardo Bato, Blic, Garapata, Jeffery Jay Jarin, Tyang Karyel, VOV Studio and Whoop. The edgy initiative by SM City North EDSA hopes to spearhead a new appreciation of art at the north.

Each piece of the exhibit was carefully selected and placed in areas that would bring not only the art pieces itself  but surrounding  area as well. As mall-goers walk the meandering path, installations pop out at them, drawing their eyes to their surroundings. simulating interest. The whimsical almost fantasy-like world perfectly complements Skygarden’s tenants.

Guest were given a short tour of the art pieces on display. We also got to watch the actual creation of the pieces on display. We were also given stickers to stick on the Art Carnival signage and there is also freedom wall where people can create their own art.

Here are some of my favorite pieces

How many faces do you see?

Garapata at the entrance of the Skydome

Cartoon art chair you can actually sit on art by Tyang Karel, this is my personal favorite

The exhibit, which runs the entire length of the Skygarden,

This is exhibit is the perfect opportunity for people to see and experience art. If you are ever in the North, feel free to explore the ART CARNIVAL, the exhibit runs from April 21- June 12, 2017. You just have to keep your eyes open to see these interesting art.

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