Indulge in CaffeBenePh`s Holiday Treats and Grab their Limited Edition Benebags

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Hello Sweeties!

I always make it a point to stop by Caffe Bene whenever I am at Eastwood. They have great selection of coffee, fraps, teas, gelato, pastries and recently they came out with sandwiches and pastas.

Caffe Bene has always been known for their hand drip coffee, high quality beyond premium coffee,  mild roast which makes Caffe Bene coffee taste sweet and has less acidity. Another reason why I enjoy having cup after cup of their caramel macchiato.

Holiday_Drinks Poster
Holiday_Cakes Poster

In time for the Holiday Season,  Caffe Bene Philippines adds to their menu yet again. This time it is all about the Yuletide Season .  Indulge in their Holiday offerings of cake and drinks, this will surely satisfy every sweet tooth.

Want to know more? Read on!

Three new cakes perfect for the Holidays.

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Strawberry Mango Meringue, fresh Strawberries and Mangoes in layers of pastry cream and chocolate meringue

The combination of  fresh strawberries and mangoes with the light sweet cream is just perfect if you are not much of a sweet tooth. When you cut the cake open you will see that it is also layered with mangoes and strawberries!

Beneholiday 3

Tiramisu, soft tiramisu cream with coffee soaked cake topped with cocoa and white chocolate.

Very classic  tiramisu, lightly soaked coffee soaked cake perfect with the Caffee Bene`s Misugaru Latte.

Beneholiday 1

Chocolate Salted Caramel, decadent chocolate salted caramel covered with christmas glaze and sprinkles

This is my favorite cake and a must try for all chocolate lovers. The cake is fudgielicuous. It reminds me of a small pound cake because it is heavy and so worth the calories. Perfect with their new Green Tea Macchiatto.

biscoff latte

Biscoff Latte

Caffe Bene and Biscoff recently forged a very successful collaboration, it was such a hit they came out with this deliciously satisfying Bischoff Latte you can have it hot or iced. If you are a fan of biscoff gourmet cookies this is the drink for you.

Strawberry Vanilla Cream Frappe

Strawberry Vanilla Cream Frappe

Strawberry bits are chunky and the cream thick and velvety smooth. This is a dessert unto itself.

Iced Greentea Machiatto

Iced Greentea Machiatto

Hands down my favorite think among the three. Since I am both a Green Tea and Machiatto lover, combined it is perfect not too sweet to overwhelm whatever you like to pair it with.

Bene Holiday Benebags

Bring with you your planner and other personal stuff in the most stylish way- the Bene way. Check out the limited edition Bene Bag

Another great innovation of Caffe Bene is their Bene bags. Yep this Holiday season where all the other coffee shops got you saving stickers for planners that you will use for just a year. Caffe Bene offers this fashionable alternative that you can use all year around. The Bene Bag.

Beneholiday 7

I almost finished off my Green Tea Machiatto Latte wth the Caffe Bene frequency card

To get the Bene Bags, you need to fill up the Caffe Bene frequency card.  You can do this with a purchase of a specific food or drink indicated inside the card, with 18 stickers you get the chic Bene Bag. It comes in three (3) fabulous colors, each bag also comes with vouchers that you can use so you can enjoy the Bene experience  all year round.

BeneHoliday 9

Grabbed from Caffe Bene FB. Bloggers during the launch of their Holiday Menu

Beneholiday 4

Fabulous, fashionable and Chic, Caffe Bene Bene Bag

I love the Bene Bag! It is made with high grade materials, water resistant, large enough to fit all your necessities and sturdy enough to carry groceries or your laptop. You have to hurry though, because it is a limited edition bag and you can only get it during the holiday season. so fill up your Caffe Bene frequency cards!

Caffe Bene is Brewing at:

Caffe Bene Eastwood Citywalk 2
Libis, Quezon City
(02) 570-3991

Caffe Bene SMX Convention Center
Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City

Caffe Bene SM City Clark
G/F The Meeting Place M.A. Roxas Highway, Brgy. Malabanias, Angeles City, Pampanga
(045) 499-0480

Caffe Bene Makati
G/F Multinational Bancorp Center Valero Access Road 4, Makati City
(02) 511-1435

Caffe Bene SM BF Paranaque
Dr. Santos Ave. cor. President’s Ave., Paranaque City
(02) 843-4030

Follow: Caffe Bene :
Instagram : @caffebeneph
twitter : @CaffeBenePH

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