GREAT Women Platform Exhibit at the APEC Women and the Economy Fora


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Last September I had the unique opportunity to cover the APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) Women and the Economy Fora. I feel so proud, Our country is indeed at par with the other countries when it comes to hosting international events like these.

As part of the APECWE event, They showcased several exhibits that focuses not only the importance of Women in developing the economies.

One of the exhibits was the GREAT Women Program. 

GREAT Women, Is a also known as Gender Responsive Economic Actions for the Transformation of Women is an integrated platform to address gender issues in both micro and social enterprise development and deliver a truly inclusive economic development. convergence of national and local government agencies, women’s groups and private sector groups resulting in improving local business policy, projects and services for women businesses.

The goal is to help women up the supply and value chain. Because of the potential seen in the first phase, it moves into its second phase with the institutionalization of its programs as the gender platform of the Philippines. The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) and the Philippine Commission of Women (PCW) are the lead government agencies with the ECHOsi Foundation, the private sector partner.


ECHOsi takes the lead on program design, preparing small producers for market access and brand development. The GREAT Women Platform is also presently being discussed for replication in APEC economies, as well as interest coming from the ASEAN region.

Want to learn more about the GREAT Woman Brand?  Read on!


GREAT WOMEN Products are made from indigenous and natural textiles, and aligned to cultural communities and women groups. The brand brings women products to niche and specialty markets. Product development includes textile products and food products. The first collection includes HOME, LADIES APPAREL+ACCESSORIES, FOOD+HEALTH+WELLNESS and JEWELRY


Len Cabili top from the hands of Southern tribes, on the backdrop,Kinatkat abaca textiles by the Bagobo tribe of Bansalan





The retail area bringing together products from ECHOstore, Greenleaf Bags, Tesoro’s Handicraft, Quality Philippine Export Lingerie and Apparel, The Leather Collection all women-led enteprises

They had samples on display and you can also purchase during the event. You can see how amazing these products created by native weavers from the Philippines. Beautifully crafted these creative ethnic designs are examples of how the Philippines is indeed an artisan’s haven.

Great Women Brand of products is a project APEC Women and the Economy Fora and will be duplicated in APEC Member economies.

GREAT Women Platform

Beautiful tokens from GREAT Women Brand

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