Fun Reads Found at the 2nd National Waste Management Exhibition

Environment Summit 2016 2

Hello Sweeties!

If you are in the Mandaluyong or Ortigas area today please don’t miss the last day of the 2nd National Waste Management Exhibition today. Admission is FREE.

Environment Summit 2016 Schedule of Forum

Event Schedule for Environment Summit 2016

Aside from the the forums you can also go around the Mega Trade Halls 1 & 2 to check out such booths that will explain some of the campaign the Department of Environment & Natural Resources on Waste Management, Wild Life Protection, Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation.

If you are a Mom like me, this is a great place to take your children to learn about loving out PLANET, our  Mother Earth. I always say that there is no other planet for us but this one. It is our duty to protect it and keep it safe or at the very least lower the risk of it dying for the sake of your future generations. I would be writing more about this topic in future post.

For now, I am going to talk about some of the great reading material/ resource/educational books I found at the Exhibition and take note Mommies, they are all FREE.

Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc Envirnonment Summit 2016

Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation, Inc. Fan Cards

I got this from the  Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Inc., booth, an Non-government organization that aims to improve the knowledge of everyone about the  Mindoro and the amazing wild life and fauna they have.

Environment Summit 2016 E-Boy at Biboy

E-Boy & Biboy Pamphlet

Written in Filipino, E-Boy & Biboy at e-wais na e-waste dismantling is a colorful pamphlet that talks about the dangers of E-waste (Electronic Waste) and how tips on how to protect ourselves and our family from them. Very useful to us Mommies, who knew there were proper and safe ways of disposing electronic waste?

Fantastic 4 Environment Summit 2016

Fantastic 4… ang Kasangga at Solution sa Pagsasaayos ng Basura!!! from the National Solid Waste Management Commission

This Komiks style book is written in Filipino, The Fantastic 4 are actually Bio (Biodegradable), Cyc (Recyclable), Tox (Special Waste), (SID) Residual Waste, they are Super Heroes that will give tips about recycling.  It is also a very entertaining read.

Basura Monster Coloring Book Envirnoment Summit 2016

Basura Monster Coloring Book written by Christine Bersola-Babao & art by Dominic Hamada and illustrated by Cdric Ryan de Guzman

Fellow Mom and TV Personality Christine Bersola-Babao wrote Basura Monster in English/Filipino Coloring Book about how our careless disregard of the environment created a Monster Made of Trash (Basura Monster). Young children will enjoy coloring and reading this story about taking responsibility and how every single person can make a difference.

3Rs of Fun in Waste Envirnoment Summit 2016

3Rs of Fun in Waste by Margaret Tadeja-Cruz

This is by far my favorite book among the ones I got from the Exhibition.  3Rs of Fun in Waste is a step by step book on how to re-cycle or as the author says up-scaling of materials we may consider waste. Perfect for Mommies and beasties that like DIY (Do it yourself )projects.  It also gives you list of some of the tools to need to complete the project and HOW TO SELL your creations on-line!

So if you have the time today , drop by SM Mega Mall and get all these for FREE! Today is the last day, but they are open up to 9:00 PM. It would also be fun to take your beasties, it would be a very educational and fun experience for all of you.

Books from the Environment Summit 2016

Until next time!


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