Event: October Komikon Grande XIV

The Grand Ticket priced at P100 for the one day admission, Ticket design by Hulyen You can get a 2 day ticket for P150.

Hello Sweeties,

Last week my son and I went to one of our pilgrimages, it involves one of my passions which is Komiks. This year only Jarod and I attended since Raffy was busy with her University studies. We arrived very early since we only ever spend 1/2 a day at the Komikon anyway. This post is really about my haul and what I have read so far.

Please bear with this photo heavy post.

The first booth I went to was the Anino/ Adarna Booth.

Lire by Magtira Paolo, finished this and I found that the truth in this piece is so tangible I was in tears after reading it.

Ako ang Bayan written by PD Guinto and illustrated by Manix Abrera  Short but very very hopeful book that talks about the hero in all of us.

Manix Abrera’s 14th book, it came in two covers. I have not read this yet

Janus Silang comics, I know there are 2 books and this comics so far about Janus Silang, I am saving this book for last so I have not gotten around to reading it.

For more of the Komik haul, click the link.

Stay by Angelo Laciest plus 21 talented artist, Another book I got that deals with the current issues of the country EJK, drugs, poverty, and fake news. I am halfway through, heavy read but it only proves that Komiks is indeed a useful way to convey the sign of the times.

Kommunity 2018, certainly one of my favorite books from this haul, I finished it when I had coffee with my kids. It also contains snippets about the current state of the country tackled in a lighter way.

Sagal by Tori Tadiar I missed getting this 3rd volume at the Summer Komikon but I specially went in search for it. Not as exciting coz I miss the romance angle as the pervious chapters but still worth the read.

Blood of the Shinobi by Pol Medina Jr. , I read this like 3 times since I got it since it is so awesome.  I am a fan of his Pugad Baboy Series but I must admitted I missed out on a lot of volumes. This time with this book series which is for mature audience I feel he will get to say water he wants without restrain.

With an artist that I have read and admired for years. I am excited for this new work more mature readers.

Legal Alien 3, I was featured in their 2nd book hence I needed to read the rest of the story that also deals with issues about discrimination, also in this cover we see Danry (komiksfanboy)

Malate by Andrew Villar, a different story and stand alone too about love and friendship or friends who become lovers.

Sikami, this is another favorite from this haul. Mainly because of two stories by the talented Bong Redila and Mel Casipit. I should really get all books from the PangalaToon group.

Hunghang Flashback Mini Book, My daughter love the first book that I got at the local grocery store. She became an instant fan so when I came across the Mini book I bought it for her, of course I also got the author to sign it for her. The book is colorful with relatable characters that remind me of people I met in University. Meme in book form.

Artist/author Drew Borja, who game;y signed the book for Raffy.

SOON! Janus Silang 2019, This is a postcard but a great teaser for the new book.

Art Initiative Designed by Kajo Baldisimo , I had to get a new shirt to celebrate the Komikon. This is such a beauty shirt a lot of people have asked me where to get it.

Jarod and I also got a chance to look at the exhibit from the Samahan ng Kartunista ng Pilipinas

Tribute exhibit by artist for Larry Alcala

A comics event is never complete without spotting Komiksfanboy Danry,

I blew my allowance on these books and I plan on reading very word. I know they are worth it and I only get to buy some of these books during Komikons, So I usually have to go to the actual event to get them.

I am so glad a lot of people  now attend events like these and support local authors and artist, my first Komikon the place was almost empty but I am glad I got to speak to the authors and artist personally then.

Hope to attend more events like these soon.

He did not want to leave so soon but we needed to meet his sister for lunch

Until next time,

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