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Whenever I go out in the mornings which can be as early as 4 AM, I always pass this store close to home, I close my eyes and relish the scent of baking pande sal. For a bread lover, like myself I am grateful to even get a few pieces of these before they completely run out.

For a country of rice eaters, we have a soft spot (our tummies) for these delicious, soft native bread we like to pair with milk, tea or coffee even without our  (palaman) spread.

Even the mall in the country are dotted with modern bakeries that sell a smorgasbord of foreign breads, local panaderia favorites like warm pandesal and fluffy ensaymada still hold a special lace in the Filipino`s hearts. The truth remains that our neighborhood panaderias, with all the culinary traditions and culture influences they mold into their breads are irreplaceable that in itself is something worth celebrating.

This love for local food is precisely what inspired Pilmico to team up with Max`s Corner Bakery and call on the youth to join the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Baking Competion. The competition, which aims to inspire the youth to take part in honoring and revitalizing our colorful bread culture, comes to its colorful culmination at the culminating at the Grand Finals held at Treston International College at Bonifacio Global City.

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Roy and Greggy from Iloilo City

Roy and Greggy from Iloilo City tells the story of their breads

I arrived at the Treston International College in time for the final group to bake and present their breads.  They were the group that came the most distance to get there. They were the students from St. Therese MTC Colleges, La Fiesta in Iloilo.

Chef Boy Logo of Idol sa Kusina was a guest judge, along with Chef Jam and Chef Ed

A little recap.

Last October 13th, the three teams from top culinary schools in country including Benguet, Cavity and Baguio, that won their respective elimination rounds and came together to showcase their bread baking skills and share their stories behind their flavorful traditional and modern breads.

Perhaps most exciting of all the teams will be presenting an all new-third bread creation that could very well be their ticket to being hailed ad first winners of the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Baking Competition.

Aside from Pimlico and Max`s Corner Bakery representatives, renowned celebrity Chef Jam Melchior Philippine Culinary Heritage Movement Convenor and Ed Bugaia, Executive Chef and Partner of Pino Group of Restaurants and Backyard kitchen + Brew  long with guest judge Chef Boy Logro were there to determine which breads will make the cut.

Chef Ed

Chef Ed Bugaia

Chef Ed says. “The Pinoy Bread Baking Competition  brings such renewed sense of awareness about the heritage of breads.”

Pilmico partners with Max`s Corner Bakery to inspire young people to create lovely breads with the flavors of their region

Taking cues from the Mahalia Pagkaining Atin Movement it spearheaded last year, Pilmico envisioned a channel to engage bright and budding baker into becoming ambassadors of our rich bread culture.  “We at Pimlico were guided by our vision to be partners to local producers in growth when we introduced the Mahalia Pagkaining Atin movement last year. We wanted to give them better  opportunities by bringing them livelihood opportunities to them. Norie Bermudez, VP for Sales at Pimlico. “This time, we are very excited to be working with Max`s Corner Bakery for the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition to celebrate the storyteller that is bread culture in every bite.

According to Pimlico Brand and Quality Manager Pamela Lynne Liwag, exciting prizes will be awarded to the winning team. The entires are evaluated based on correct professional preparation, presentation of bread story and general impression, technique and practicality, and taste.

“Our Vision for this competition is to inspire young people, bakers, and producers to appreciate local recipes, as well as bring more love for food,” she adds added. “Aside from being wowed by their baking skills, we would like to hear the bread stories of our students. The most compelling story that reflects our heritage will receive a cash prize plus the opportunity to work with Max`s Corner Bakery, where their winning breads will be sold  for everyone in the country to try.”

The finalist and winners:

All these students are winners just by making it to the final 3 groups. But only one group can be the Grand Prize winner of the 1st Tinapay Natin Pinoy Baking Competition. The team will get a cash prize worth 50,000php (around 1,000 US Dollars), a beneficiary school will also get a similar prize plus the exclusive opportunity to work with Max`s Corner Bakery as their delicious creations get distributed nationwide at all MCB outlets.


Benguet Participants

Connie Tumpao and Paulle Tam-awen of Benguet State University Benguet Mountain Province placed 3rd place; they created the unique shaped flower shaped bread with filling

Jhony Beria and Marc Macasaet from Cavite

Johnny Beria and Marc Macasaet from Sister of  Mary School Adlas Inc. Cavity placed 2nd place and is the youngest group to join the competition

Roy and Greggy

Roy Tabocolde and Greggy Cabarrubias of St. Therese MTC Colleges., La Fiesta Iloilo  are the Grand Champion of the 1st Tinapay Natin Bread Baking Competition; They all made the softest Ensaymada bread with the perfect butter cream topping

Max’s Corner Bakery’s Director and President, Ms. Carolyn Trota-Salud talked about how the Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competition aligns with their own CSSR program.

The Tinapay Natin Pinoy Bread Baking Competion is a success thanks to the assistance of the following sponsors and partners:

1052 Tradehouse, Axelum Resource Corp
Actron Industries Inc
Alaska Milk Corporation
Bio Pharma Industry Corporation
Fern/Purechem Corporation
Gems Marketing
HICAPS Marketing Corp/Oleo Fats Inc.
Ideal Macaroni & Spaghetti Factory Inc.
Magnolia/San Miguel Food Inc.
Nestle Philippines Inc.
Peotraco Industries Inc.
Unicom Ingredients Philippines Inc.
Oleo Fats Inc.
Pirates Philippines
La Fiesta Hotel Iloilo

I was in awe of these young talented bakers, obviously they have a bright future ahead. I also got to taste their wonderful creations along with other invited media. I am curious which breads will be part of the Max`s Corner Bakery shelves since I really enjoy bringing bread and sweets to my beasties whenever pay day comes along, in fact I am crossing my fingers that my favorite (Ensaymada Royale) will be added to the selection at the MCB.

I am looking forward to the next batch of bakers to join this contest because it seems that they will now be doing this yearly as a way of promoting Pinoy Bread. This is something we can all look forward to.

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