Event: There is No Planet B! CIC Launches Green Footprints Movement

Green Footprints Movement

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Summers are getting way hotter the past few years. I used to enjoy summers back when it was`t like hot as hell.  The world is not as it was before. It is obviously under threat because of what we humans have done to the environment. We have not been taking care of it as we should have.

Recently,  leading air conditioning and refrigeration solutions provider Concepcion Industrial Corporation (CIC), through its subsidiary Concepcion-Carrier Air Conditioning Company (CCAC), has launched the Green Footprints Movement, its advocacy that seeks to motivate the general public into action towards reducing their environment footprints.

We gathered at Blackbird, Nielsen Tower Makati for the launch.

Green Footprints Movement invited guest to share the advocacy of keeping the world clean and safe for our children.


Dr. Eva Ocfemia, DENR Asst. Director Environmental Management Bureau talks about the DENR measures to mitigate to damage to the environment

Green Footprints Movement Raul Conception

Raul Joseph Conception: “Environmental health and safety is and has always been a key core value of CIC, and this is evident in the way we manage our business,” stated Concepcion, who noted how the company has leveraged on technology to create green facilities. “A crucial first step is cultivating a culture of sustainability within the company itself, which is why we have always been mindful of our own environmental impact, looking at our own performance in terms of recycling, water and waste consumption, and setting goals to reduce our footprint year after year.”

“As the most encompassing environmental issue facing us today, climate change must be everyone’s agenda” said CIC Chief Executive Officer Raul Joseph Concepcion. “For CIC, we aim to strengthen our commitment to a sustainable future by driving greater awareness and understanding of climate change and global warming among consumers and other stakeholders, and enabling access to green choices that will enable consumers to reduce their environmental footprint.”

It is indeed timely to call on more Green Advocates. Some of the parts of the program that really got to me, is the realization that we only have one planet, we have no other place to go.

Plan B

This is the only planet we have…we obviously there is no “Planet B”, in case we mess up this one.

protect the children

We need to preserve the Earth not just for our children but for the future generations to come

CCAC’s Green Footprints Movement serves as a clarion call to the public to become green advocates.

Green Mr

Harold Pernikar, Jr., : “Our goal is to provide the public with the knowledge of how they can make small, practical changes that will have significant effect on their own footprints, such as the responsible use of electricity and even making more sensible selections when it comes to the products they use in their homes,”

The Green Footprints Movement is a testament to CIC’s long-standing commitment to the environment, having led its industry in exercising responsible stewardship by employing best green practices and conducting their operations in a manner that safeguards the environment. They have taken steps to help save the environment.

Did you know, Ninety-six percent of their air conditioning have been converted to using environmentally responsive refrigerants? They expect to make 100% conversion within this year. This is part of their company`s response to the challenge that goes beyond compliance with the standard  but they also offers a practical, green products through investment and constant innovation.

Mark Nelson

Celebrity Mark Nelson and Blogger Christine Dychiao explains how everyone can help in preserving the environment

Central to the Green Footprints Movement is creating awareness through consumer education, with the campaign focused on making information on environmental impact reduction available to a wider audience.

GreenFooPrints Campaign

Ms, Christine Dychiao, Dr. Eva Ofelia, Mark Nelson, Raul Joseph Conception, Rafael Hechanova Jr., Harold Pernikar Jr.

Green Footprints Movement Advocacy signing

We were all invited to sign on the commitment wall.

Green Footprits Movement Grow Your Greens

We got to take home these plants, a great start to our own home garden

I know all of us are aware of the changes in our environment, we feel it everyday. The unbearable heat, extreme weather events, loss of resilience of our ecosystem.  As a Mom, as a citizen of the world we have to step up. Let us not be all talk. Let us do what we can to take care of our planet. Let us not contribute to its destruction but instead make it clean, safe and livable place for our children and their children`s children.

Here are some reminders on how we can help in our own home, office and our daily life:

  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Segregate our trash
  • promote composting
  • Say no to disposable plastics… avoid it altogether
  • Don`t burn waste for any reason
  • Turn off unnecessary lights or fixtures when no in use
  • Conserve water, learn to recycle water
  • Support brands that have an environmental program
  • Walk / Bike instead of driving

Remember, your every actions affects more than your life, it affects the environment and will have a lasting effect in the future.  Make green choices. I did, how about you?

Green Footprints Advocacy

I took home this beautiful Peppermint Herb plant

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