Event: Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar Grand Launch


Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar’s Grand Launch will be on Sept. 19, Saturday. They  invited a lot of entertainers to perform on their stage including one of the leading bands in the country, UP Dharma Down. Salliano’s had their soft-opening last July 18 and was warmly patronized by the Marikina City locals.

Salliano’s houses the exceptionally enormous meatballs, the uniquely cooked Paella and one of their specialty desserts, custaroons.

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Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar is a modern and casual dining restaurant located in the heart of Marikina City. It is founded by a group of friends who have known and been with each other since their 1st Grade.

Over the years, their union as friends, in due course, grown into one big family including their spouses and respective families. Gatherings are but normal and certainly sharing and tasting of each other’s specialty dishes and eventually led to the transformation of their love and passion for food to business. Salliano’s stand for togetherness and celebrations. The idea is to bring back the heart and the familiar in comfort dining, as if one is simply enjoying a hearty meal in your parent’s or a favorite uncle’s backyard.

Salliano’s offers a wide range of gastronomic experience, including the Paella which harken back to those memorable family reunions, the consummately humongous and delicious meatballs that remind of fun birthday celebrations with friends and the all-time favorite gourmet BBQs and Sisig that bring back unforgettable moments with barkadas.


Gigantic Meatball

Famous Paella

Famous Paella



The dishes are full of honesty with only one true goal, and that is to serve a hearty meal while you simply celebrate with those special to you. Truly, Salliano’s is about celebration, family and home.

In line with the grand launch of Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar, we will be raffling 1 table (for 4 pax) to one lucky winner who will qualify if he/she does what is instructed below. You may be able to watch UP Dharma Down’s show this coming Sept. 19!!!
How to score a table for 4 at Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar and watch UP Dharma Down’s performance?

1. Like Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar’s Facebook Fan Page
2. Share their facebook fan page and tag 3 of your friends who you want to watch with.
3. Tweet “I want to watch UP Dharma Down in #SallianosinMarikina #CelebrateSallianos”
Please always use the hashtags #SallianosinMarikina and #CelebrateSallianos
No hashtags=disqualified
More shares, tweets  = More chances of winning.

Here are the prices for the tables:
4 pax – 2,2k with a bottle of Jack Daniels or 1,2k consumable
6 pax – 3,2k with a bottle of Jack Daniels or 1,7k consumable
8 pax – 4k with a botlle of Jack Daniels or 2k consumable
Note: Prices are inclusive of door charge. See ya!
For your table reservations, please call us at 0927-8120917 or visit at Salliano’s Restaurant and Bar.

**Photo credit to ByaheBuddy

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