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It is not a secret that my  family and I have lived and coped with Autism that is part of our daily lives. My son Jarod is now 14 and we have always tried to live our lives as normally and as ordinary as possible, difficult as it may be. The Autism spectrum disorder is a serious neurodevelopment disorder that impairs a child’s ability to communicate and interact with others. It also includes restricted repetitive behaviors, interests and activities. These issues cause significant impairment in social, occupational and other areas of functioning. Jar is 14 but his reading and language ability is for a child aged 7. There are emotions and facial expressions that he does not understand, this frustrates him. He has difficulty expressing his wants and needs to others. I really feel for him at times.

That is the reason I became very excited when I was invited to attend the Natural Integrative Wellness Solution Conference held at Tagaytay last September  8.

Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park Founder of Antonia Health Solution, Skin Science Researcher

The conference was organized by Dr. Antonia Carandang-Park, founder of Antonia Health Solution.  It is a meeting of doctors, scientist, academicians, technologist, parenting advocates and those working in the field of natural and integrative wellness.

Antonia Integrated and Functional Wellness Inc. together with  partners Zazen Health Solutions, StemErgy Wellbeing LTD. recently brought together world renowned experts and leaders in their respective fields s for a comprehensive overview of this rapidly in research and development. The Natural and Integrative Medicine Conference was held at Taal Vista Hotel last Sept 8, 2016 in Tagaytay City

In this age of technology where science and alternative medicine meet, Dr. Antonia Park organized a conference where expects from different fields talk about natural methods in curing illness, more so not just curing but prevention of illnesses in the most natural way.

There are advances in research bringing natural and integrative medicine closer to the public via their practical application.

Dr. Mark Dargan Smith, Executive Director Regenstem; Founder of Stem Cell Insight

Dr. Mark Dargan Smith discussed the ways we can actually use our own stem cells to cure our illness. Our own bodies are rich in these cells, not just our blood, placentas from new borns but also from our own teeth! Cell regenerate but we have to feed it and keep it healthy.

Dr. Sashi of Zazen Health Solutions

During the conference, they launched an innovative machine called Zazen Health Solution`s Scalar Wave and FR Sauna which helped a lot of patients with different health conditions get better.

Our bodies are constantly exposed to radiation via technology from our computers, household appliances and our mobile phones and tablets. Not to mention our exposure to environmental pollutants and the food we consume everyday.   These machines mainly the Scalar Far Infared System will help our bodies detox.

I was specially intrigued with the idea that these machines will help children with Autism improve  their condition in as little as 2 weeks. They are currently doing clinical studies on this and the results are actually very well.

As a parent of a child with ASD, we always cling to the hope that one day he or she would live a normal life. A life without the trials they are currently experiencing now. In a way these studies and clinical trials give us hope.

I hope they would have these machines available soon, closer to the metro so my son can try it out.

Jerryson Abraham Doss, Viva Starfish and Management Specialist

I also enjoyed the talk by Rehab specialist Jerryson Doss, who spoke about the possibilities of rehabilitation not just for the former drug dependents but also for the less fortunate people in our country.

His methods are practical and sound. His first example was about livestock raising, his example was a pig. Raising one pig and having it breed and producing offsprings to pass on to another several persons to raise helping them make a living. He also has an interesting idea about teaching them how to mange their income as well as giving them a job.

If this program is reproduced in the Philippines it will help deter crimes and give people a new lease in life!  It would be amazing if their group pushes through with their meeting with the current administration.

Dr. Antonia Park with the speakers

I really enjoyed the talks from this conference, Alternative natural medicine and wellness is not really well known to the Filipino public, Dr. Park groups clearly has the research and the technology to back up their methods. They seek to support the patient as a whole person and not only focus on the symptoms but also get to the root of their health concern. Complete Wellness. Mind and body and perhaps with this method the sprit will also be healthy.

Optimal health can be achieved if we look at all the options, I am so glad that natural alternative wellness via Dr Park`s group is now in the Philippines and is also part of our options.

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