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I recently attended a special event for Moms sponsored by Microsoft. They have the Office 365 available for MAC users.  Although, I use Word, Excell and other Microsoft  software at work, but when I got my own MAC I abandoned it for the ones found on my MAC.

That day we learn the advantages of using the Microsoft Office 365 not just for our MACs but also for other iOs gadgets.

In Office Space Makati, Mommy Bloggers gather to learn all about Office 365.

After like installing my Office 365 for MAC

But first things first, we need to install the Office 365 (Home) on my MAC.  You will need a strong wifi connection when installing. It took like 30 minutes but worth the trouble.

As part of their mission to empower every person on the planet to do more, Microsoft makes Office 365 available to Mac users as well.

There are different packages for Office 365, for us Mommies we had the Office 365 Home, there is also Office 365 for Business (Office) and Personal (Individual use)

Want to know more? Read on!

Christian Lim, Office Marketing and Business Group Lead for Microsoft Philippines

Christian Lim, Office Marketing Business Group Lead for Microsoft Philippines says in his talk with the Mommies “Mac users are notoriously a creative and time-efficient breed,”

“With their dedication, it’s not hard to see why Mac users have also been named some of the most successful professionals and hardest workers in the office as well as in the business world,” Lim said. “But it’s high time they heard of an Office willing to work for them.”

Turning work hassles into hustles

Productivity to most is more deadlines met and more work accomplished, but with Microsoft in Mac, productivity only means one thing—more me time. The Office solutions found in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and a host of other software helpers hasten working time and breaks down the work load into even smaller, lighter tasks. Not to mention the ease of file sharing through OneDrive and new sharing options woven into all of the applications ensuring faster data transfer and better collaboration opportunities.

With the usual work scenario of a Mac user playing out with them working at the office beating deadlines and punching through long hours, or at their home office working on personal accomplishments, Ilagan expresses her respect for their dynamic productivity practices.

Adding to the Mac user’s creativity and efficiency in accomplishing tasks, Office 365 propels their productivity, giving them the best of Mac partnered with the familiarity of Office.

photo from Microsoft

Only with the original

With the promise of an empowered system to do more, Office 365 for Mac also assures users the maintenance of the prestige and originality of their Mac devices through its software suite tailored only for the original Mac. The genuine workplace supplement fit for any busybody not only assures productivity but also champions security and safety better in a non-pirated system.

And availability won’t have to be an issue since the suite is available in any Power Mac store as well as online through the Microsoft website and its partner affiliates such as Lazada.

“We don’t believe in platform hindrances to productivity,” Lim ends. “Doing more isn’t a case isolated exclusively to Windows 10 users—as long as there is work to do and passions to fulfill, Microsoft will always provide fit solutions for anyone regardless of device patronage.”

I was pretty excited when they told me our FREE one year subscription came with the above. You get more bang for your buck… imagine you get all these!

All the major Office apps (which, for Windows, include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Access, Publisher) in downloadable form, with access to upgrades as they become available; 20GB of additional SkyDrive space, beyond the 7GB Microsoft offers for free;Office on  Demand, a service that lets you stream full-blown Office to Windows 7 and Windows 8 PCs that don’t have the suite installed; An hour of Skype calls (to landlines) each month.

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team with Mommy Bloggers

Thank you Microsoft for the this forum for Mommies and of course our new Office 365 Home!

More exiting additions await the electric efficiency of any Mac device, to learn more about how Office 365 for Mac multiplies your productivity by dividing your work, just visit: https://products.office.com/en/mac/microsoft-office-for-mac.

Until next time!


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