Event: Let`s Get Ready to Rumble Antipolo! Elorde Gym at Cafe Lupe Now Open

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Boxing may not be the Philippines national sport but you have to admit that it comes as a close second specially after Manny Pacquio made became an 8 division title holder.  A lot of people are getting into boxing to be healthy.  I have been seeing a lot of gyms offering it but not a one cold hold a candle to the Elorde Boxing Gym.

When I was invited to attend the Media Launch of Elorde Gym at Cafe Lupe, how can I refuse? Not only is it very close to home (just a ride away). Located along the Sumulong Hi-way , Antipolo City.

Coach Zaldy former Pro Boxer and now a Certified Boxing training

The Elorde Boxing Gym Cafe Lupe is the first boxing gym I have ever been to. I usually frequent regular gym where it is near a mall and air-conditioned.  Elorde Boxing Gym Cafe Lupe, is located at the ground level of Cafe Lupe, the building and gym is own and operated by Alvin and Albright Carranza.   The new location has a great view of Metro Manila, it is open air with excellent ventilation. I personally think it’s a good thing it’s not air-conditioned because  you tend to sweat more, on good days, the wind just blows through the training area giving the a nice cool breeze.

What makes this gym stand out from all the gyms sprouting in the Metro is the trainers they employ are real former pro fighters.

It is really cool to think that I am being trained and training beside pro/former fighters in boxing gyms.

What to learn more? Read on!

This newest branch of Elorde Boxing Gym is of the same quality as of their other branches.

Elorde Boxing Gym Cafe Lupe Rates and they have a promo of 50% OFF on Annual Membership Rate

Equipment found at the Elorde Boxing Gym Cafe Lupe that I got to try out

The Elorde Boxing Ring, smaller than the standard size (Photo from: Erica Poyauan)

Medicine Balls and Dumbbells for the training and warm ups (Photo from: Erica Poyauan )

Punching bag

Double end bag

Boxing Gloves the perfect size for women

My hand all wrapped

My hand was wrapped by Coach Zaldy, this is to prevent the damage to the fingers and wrist.

Trying out the speed bag, I have no rhythm lol, but you have to admit, I gave the boxer face down pat

Are you ready to rumble? Love these ladies’ size gloves!

According to Coach Zaldy, they just had their soft opening the 3rd week of November, and they were just settling in. So far they only offer boxing sessions but soon they would be offering additional programs like Muay Thai, Jiu-jitsu, MMA or Mixed Martial Arts and HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training.

What is the best age for someone to learn boxing? According to Coach Zaldy, when a child becomes 14 years old, he is prepared to learn the ropes of boxing, someone younger would be just “playing”.  He also encourages women to take up the sport, since it is one of the best way to lose weight not to mention it works out all the parts of our body.

The bloggers were given the opportunity to warm up, do partial training.

I really had misgivings when I started doing the warm ups. Coz aside from Yoga and a lot of 10 thousand step daily walk, I rarely have any exercise. I also have hypothyroidism and a weak heart.  Coach Zaldy advised me to still do the warm up and make sure that I pace myself so I won’t collapse. He also request first timers to inform their trainers/coaches about any medical condition they may have so they can plan your training programs to fit the client`s specific needs or health goals.

So I did some mild training and a bit of time with the double end bag, Also Coach Zaldy personally had me do a bit of mitt hitting, Since had misgivings and no pent up rage lol, I did not concentrate on the training. I have to tell you Professional Coaches are really patient when it comes to these things, so I finished around 5 minutes of the mild mitt hitting. The other bloggers  got to do a bit of sparring in the ring which looked really fun.

Advise from the Coaches if you want to take up boxing as a serious sport or a way to work out:

  • Erode Boxing Gym Cafe Lupe  sells wraps and gloves, it is best to buy your own for hygiene purposes. (although you can also get it at the mall).
  • They sell water and sports drink at their front desk.
  • You can use all the equipment available inside the gym, you are not limited to the boxing bags.
  • You can use their shower facilities. Their male and female shower areas/lockers are separate.
  • Your first trainer will usually be your usual trainer. People don’t cycle through the gym trainers. You normally have one main guy and a sub in case he’s not there. But you can actually ask for your personal trainer once you are there.

Media pose for our group photo (Photo from: Erica Poyauan)

We capped the night with a nice meal at the OneA KTV, Cafe Lupe and an overnight stay at the Cafe Lupe Bed and Breakfast.

Boxing for me is a great sport to take up,  I really should find the time to try  the sport since it would really be good for me not to mention Elorde Boxing Gym is so close to home. Here is a nice link to read why Mature Ladies should take up boxing.

Thank you #TagMedia #ElordeGymatCafeLupe and Ms Grace Bonded Nicolas for inviting me to the Media Night.

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