Event: Kids Imagine their Potential via Barbie You Can Be Anything Roadshow for Halloween


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I was really curious about the Barbie You Can Be Anything Roadshow event at Lucky China Town last October 29th, mainly because I never did take my kids to these Halloween trick or treating events, Been to busy with my day job to find the opportunity. Now that the kids are older (both are teenagers), I regret that I did not make an effort to dress them up and make memories when they were kids.  I admire the great Moms and Dads who actively participate.  Its an amazing  time to be children in this era.

Barbie You Can Be Anything had a series of events that embraces the kids dreams. It inspires them to shine and be themselves by dressing up into their favorite characters, their dream jobs, people they admire, it is never to early to aspire and to start living their dreams.

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I got to the venue early and check out some of the booths, they have free face painting, nail art, coloring area and they also sell Barbie merchandize at discounted prices.

There was a large crowd at the Barbie You Can be Anything at Lucky China Town everyone was excited for the show to begin

They had a magic show that really wowed the kids, a raffle that gave away barbie bags a game with the kids and a short musical play.

The Top 5 are all winners with the judges! left to right: Most Whimsical Female Award, Most Whimsical Male, Grand Prize Winner, 2nd Prize Winner and 3rd Prize winner

The kids did a really good job walking down the runway in their chosen outfits.  These are the winners of the contest but looking at the variety of kids and costumes I just had to post some of my favorites.

Want to see who made my cut? Read on!

Although this is not my first fashion show, this is the very first time I saw a free wheeling program where each of the kids (there were around 83 kids in total) who walked the standard runway. Everyone was so patient! The kids really tried hard and did a really good job.

These are my favorites, I loved their individuality, their walk their spunk and the general adorableness of each and every child.

Adorable kiddies in their chosen field of occupation

Sleeping Beauty and Prince Charming

Check out this little boy as a Stormtropper from Star Wars

Darna! Mars Ravelo would be proud!

Sporting Batgirl

Who says Spidergirl can`t have butterfly wings?

Maleficent, the Queen Dragon

Mad hatter, won the Most Whimsical Male Award

This Erika strutted and sashayed on the runway like she owned it. She actually had her own signature walk! No wonder she won 2nd Place

Grand Prize Winner as the Blue Fairy

There is no dream too wild, no hope too big or fantastic for a wish! I love how Barbie gave each of these children the opportunity to shine, to have fun and enjoy this very special Halloween. I wish I had little ones too so they could join this very empowering event.  The kids were so happy and I am certain so are the parents.

Happy Halloween little beasties!

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