Event: International Thyroid Awareness Week 2017 at Robinsons’ Novaliches

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I spent a fruitful afternoon an informative event about Thyroid Awareness. As I mentioned in my previous post.  I was diagnose with HyperThyroidism a few years ago. I admit I have been lapse in going to my specialist. With this DOH and Merk`s Thyroid Awareness Campaign has opened my eyes and had me go back to my doctor.

Last Saturday, I traveled North to attend the Thyroid Awareness Week 2017 culminating activity at Robinson`s Novaliches.

The event venue opened around 2PM to the public. Everyone just had to register and get a Entrance Card which all the activities were written down.

Listed on the activity card all the activities the guest can avail. The top listing shows required one that you need finish before getting some of the free treatments that are complementary.

They made such fun activities for everyone.  After watching a Thyroid Educational video, you need to fill out the Self-Assessment quiz. and go have a consolation with the Thyroid specialist

I got to speak with Doc Chris about the current state of my Thyroid. He did a rudimentary exam on me but he told me I should have several lab test to determine if I have Hyper or Hypo thyroid. He also assured me that I would definitely lose weight if I started my hormone medication again (along with proper diet and exercise.)

I also discovered that from one type of thyroid it can actually transition into something else or worse it can affect your other organs, if not treated.

I tried all the complimentary activities. most of it pampering sessions which is just perfect!

A lot of people lined up for all the activities the Robinson’s Trade Hall was filled packed with people.

After the going through the booths,  We got down to the business at hand.  The forum on Thyroid.

An estimated one in 11 Filipino adults will have voter and 1 in 12 Filipino adults have some form of thyroid function disorder, Most of those who have Thyroid disorder are women, whenever a male has the disorder it is usually cancerous, so males are not safe from the disease as well.

Thyroid disorder is usually genetic and runs in families. So if anyone in your family has the disease, you also have to be checked for it.

Too bad the talk and Question and Answer was brief, but it was to the point.

Afterwards, they gave raffle prices and awarded the most creative art by the kids of the participants.

We ended the event with this Commitment Pledge:

After the event I made an appointment with a different doctor because my previous reason for not seeing my original doctor was because his clinic was too far away, Getting back to medication and

What are you waiting for?  If you suspect that you have goiter or a thyroid problem, have yourself checked now.

For more information go to their:

Facebook :https://www.facebook.com/thyroidph/

Official website: www.thyroid.ph


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