Event: Daniel Padilla Joins Handog Pabaon with Lily`s Peanut Butter

Dp 1Hello Sweeties!

Lily`s Peanut Butter has been a staple in my pantry, ever since I was a child my Mom has kept us supplied with this proud Philippine brand. When I became a Mom, Lily`s Peanut Butter along with the other flavored spreads of this brand became my go to for my kiddie`s school snack and most of the time even my own. I just need a banana and a jar of Lily`s and I am good to go.

Lily`s Peanut Butter has been around for 60 years. Know for its excellence and has grown as part of the traditional spread of a Pinoy household.

 After more than half a century of winning everyone’s tongue, Lily’s Peanut Butter launched its first formal Corporate Social Responsibility Activities together with film and television star  Daniel Padilla last August 15, 2015, 1:00PM at Brgy. Old Balara Covered Court, Brgy. Tandang Sora, Quezon City.

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The event focused on emphasizing how important snacking is especially to those kids with small tummies, yet intense in burning energies.

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Ms. Judith Peralta, their Barangay Nutritionist to gave facts on how important it is to give healthy treats to the kids especially when they are out and inclined on different activities. And to be able to promote healthy and creative snacks.

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Ms. Kat of oh Bento! with the winners of the Create your Own Bento

Lily’s Peanut Butter invited oh, Bento! to demonstrate to the kids and Moms how to prepare easy, healthy and attractive snacks that kids will surely love. After enjoying their very own made snacks.

DP 2

Complete Lily`s Peanut Butter product line

Lily’s started up some games and surprised the kids with the presence of Daniel Padilla singing to the kids. The day ended with Lily’s exciting give away, “Lily’s Handog Pabaon” – a lunch box full of sweet surprises the kids loved the most, and made them shout “Thank you, Lily’s Peanut Butter—Ikaw Lang Talaga!”

DP 8

A lucky girl and her Mom get some one on one time with Daniel

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Daniel gave the lunch boxes and notebooks to the kids and had photos taken with the kids and their Moms.

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The kids got to take home a set of notebooks and these lunch boxes with Lily`s Peanut Butter products

This activity proved that being a company doesn’t always have to aim for profit, but to share is the most fulfilling achievement a corporate can be proud of. Thus, the advent of globalization is packaged with the urge to address citizenship issues. Lily’s engaged itself to be an advocate of promoting healthy snacks, and rest assured that this activity will never be the last.

As per Arch. Ramon Pua, President / CEO of Newborn Food Products, Inc., “We don’t just aim profit – we share heart!” This is why we can conclude that Lily’s Peanut Butter is not just a company that gains, it is a company that shares. “Lily’s Lang Talaga” – #maypuso.

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