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Comedy is an everyday thing in the Philippines. We see it in all forms, Television, Newspapers (probably because of the political circus), radio (still about comical happenings in politics) and on line. Although we live in a country where majority of the people suffer from poverty, we prefer to laugh about our troubles than to wallow it in.

I was very delighted when I got an invitation to cover Comedy Manila: Be Part of the Pinoy Stand-up Revolution at Mow’s Bar in Quezon City.

Comedy Manila is a homegrown group of stand-up comedians that perform observational humor that is original, funny and world class.

For us ordinary  peeps, it just means they like to talk about funny or sad parts of their everyday lives.  Most of the time they make fun of themselves. (as opposed to the common comedy bar fare of mocking and making fun of the guest).

Sample of Comedy Manila`s Comedian Line Up found in their website

Comedy Manila is a production house that produces quality comedy shows that feature local and foreign acts in the country. They also organize free Open Mic rooms to provide comedians and aspiring comedians a stage to help them hone their talents.

I am looking forward to watching the same comedy stylings that have no need for costumes, props or physical comedy.

Comedy Manila will finally have their first big show at the Music Museum that will showcase 10 of the BEST Stand-up comedians in the Philippines  Tickets Priced at 500php

I for one think it is about time that Philippine audience get the chance to watch a comedy show that does not insult the audience or toilet humor, a comedy show that showcase comedy as a performing art, featuring comedians that both funny and original.

I really enjoy watching a lot of stand-up comedy via foreign acts like that stars of Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan o’Brian, Neil Patrick Harris and Ellen DeGeneres.

I admire about the US comedians is they like to make fun of themselves, their lives and their experiences. This is what Pinoy Comedy needs.

I got the opportunity to listen to some of the comedians of Comedy Manila,  their comedy is knee slapping funny because they talk about their own experiences, Pinoy everyday Life, politics and  popular culture.

I am looking forward to watching their first big show on the 29th. I’d invite you to watch but last I heard, like Cold Play tickets, it is SOLD OUT!  Congrats!

If you miss getting tickets to their Music Museum, You can see this one Alex Calleja VS the World.

Comedy Manila is in the forefront of the comedy revolution and it’s shaping the comedy scene in the country– one joke at a time.

Showing my support to Comedy Manila

To learn more or to book one of their Comedians go to their website : Comedy Manila
Like their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ComedyManila/

Will blog about Comedy Manila’s  Pinoy Comedy Revolution soon!

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