Event: Aloha! 10 years of #MYOH2015


Hello Sweeties!

Aloha! I was very happy that its #MYOH2015 time.  Its has been 10 years since they started doing this tradition in the Philippines but I only got to attend this event twice. My first time being last year as the winner of a blogger contest. This year I decided to attend the VIP Selling event.

You might be wondering how you can get a pass for the VIP selling? Read on.


VIP Front Desk Registration

I got my VIP Selling Pass, when I signed up in Havaianas Philippines, they sent me an alert asking me if I was interested to attend the VIP Selling on May 06, which I did. I signed up and got a schedule.


Our first stop, a fun filled waiting area

Unlike last year when I attended the media event, I got to take home a free pair of MYOH plus a 25% discount on a pair. This year there was no discount or free pair.  You might ask, what is the advantage of attending the VIP Selling?  Well we get to have our Havaianas made in advance, the attendees,  most of  whom subscribe to the Havaianas website news letter get to pick out their own schedule and get their pair made in advance,  the actual MYOH2015 date is from May 07-10. So in a way you get to avoid the crowd and you have time to linger, no rush at all.


Most of the freebies came from the Globe #SliponSummer Booth. The photo on the far right is my colorful Lulu Tattoo

The first area we entered was the sponsor`s area where they had great booths set up, We got a lot of games and freebies!


Lulu DK Tattoos, special Havaianas press on! It is love!

I just have to mention that this booth which is inside the main area where they assemble our MYOH2015. These Lulu DK Tattoos are jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos were created from the original artwork of NY designed, Lulu deKwatkowski. Made in the USA and now available in the Philippines! Temporary tattoos beautifully crafted. For those of us who just like to accessorize but don`t want to commit to anything permanent. Clearly this is a hit! It last around four to 6 days.  Don`t worry no water or soap will ruin these tats, but in case you want to remove them you can just use a bit of baby oil.


These are my pair. I wanted this year I wanted a pair in line with the MYOH theme. Slim in the Anniversary sole and blue straps.


Raffy with her Slim Havaianas with sliver straps and ice blue soles

Raffy and I both got 2 pins and of course the slim kind. I also got an additional pin from the Globe booth game.

I did enjoy trying out the games from this event. It was a great haul really.


A closer look at out pins. Raffy with the burger and dolphin and mine with the IG, Mandala Sunflower and Sushi (free from Globe)

I am happy I got to attend this VIP Selling event at least once. I heard that this is going to be the last MYOH. Awww! I know but to be practical, they have these MYOH tools in almost all the major All Flip flop Stores at the malls nationwide, so no need to head over Glorietta anymore. You can just wait until they announce when they will be having it in the actual stores.


Raffy all smiles as she carries her bag home

It was a great bonding experience for both of us to attend this event. Hope we get to attend another event similar to this.

Until next time!




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