Dragon Unboxing: Anvil Publishing’s 30th Anniversary Haul

Hello Sweeties,

I am not certain if it is precognition but I feel I have been shopping for books like crazy preparing for days like this enhanced community quarantine in entire Luzon.  Last month Anvil Publishing has a month long on-line discount for their online shop. I took the opportunity to check out their books and see if I find anything interesting. Who am I kidding ? I will always find books interesting. (lol)

I don’t usually buy my books online, because I love touching, browsing, and sniffing if  you believe  the books personally.

You just need to register on line and you have the option to pay via card or via bank deposit. Alas, they only have BPI as their bank hopefully soon they would have other means to register like PayMay or GCash, to make it easier for all of us who have started to go cashless and careless, mobile banking is really the wave of the future.

My first haul took more than five days to reach me.  I got most of them at discounted prices, for as much as 30% off.

Wanna know more? Click the link.

You maybe wondering why it, I only ordered a small number of books on my first haul. The thing is, I was worried that it would take forever for my books to arrive, so I made the first haul to test the waters.

Here is a peak of my entire Anvil Publishing 30th Anniversary book haul:

First Batch of orders from Anvil Publishing’s 30th Anniversary Sale

Tikim: Essays on Philippine Food ad Culture by Doreen Fernandez (Revised and Updated)                 Price: P239.20 (P299.00)

The Magic Circle by Gilbert Daroy Price: P 224.00 (P320.00)

Leaf and Shadow: stories about some friendly creatures by Cyan Abad-Jugo Price: P100.00

The Anvil Guide to Research Paper Writing by Marianne Rachel G. Perfecto Price: P 206.50 (P295.00)

2nd haul

Since I got my first’s haul alright, I was not worried about my 2nd one, which I got the following day after my payment. I had them ship my books to my workplace since I needed to pay a shipping fee by the weight of the books, It would cost more if I had them send it to my house which is a provincial address.

Mga Bugtong at Salawikain Para sa Bagong Henerasyon Tinipon nina Nimrod Ebenezer C. Tica at Vivian Balaris-Tica Price: P87.50 (P125.00)

The Boyfriend Backtrack by Dawn Lanuza Price: P129.50 (P185.00)

Salamanca by Dean Francis Alfar Price: P206.50 (P295.00)

The Kite of Stars and Other Stories by Dean Francis Alfar Price: P 245.00 (P 350.00)

A Treat of 100 Short Stories Edited by Gerardo Z. Torres Price: P 200.00

Philippine Food, Cooking, & Dinning Dictionary by Edgie Polistico Price: P556.50 (P 795.00)

You can tell I have an electric taste in books, I finished 2 from this haul but I also have a lot of graphic novels on hand that I have yet to finish. I am a perpetual book addict and I have been for years. Its no surprise that I always choose books before anything else growing up.

I guess, for now I other than doing my work for home duties for my office’s social media pages. I won’t go batty if I am locked up with teenagers at home.

For those of you who are curious, you can sign up to Anvil Publishing 

What do you think of my haul? When shopping for books, what do you shop for yourself or for someone else?

Until next time,


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