Dragon Product Review: Tidy Heidy Stain Eraser

Hello Sweeties!

I finally found the time to post my review of this amazing product that I got in the mail.

I am such a clumsy person whenever I eat or drink anything there is always so spillage. More often than not, I always have to examine my favorite white shirts for stains! For some reason my children are the same. Perhaps it’s genetic? He he he…

It was a treat to get this sample from the mail a few weeks ago.

Such a tiny bottle but packs a punch!

Check out my shirt with this tiny stain, I thick it’s pasta sauce when the kids and I were having lunch at the mall. I love this top! I don’t wear it often and it kinda bummed me out. Then I remembered that I had Tidy Heidy in my purse and the moment I got home, I had to get the stain out.

How to use Tidy Heidy:

1 Place a piece of tissue paper directly under the stain
2 Make sure you remove all the oil if any.
3 Put 1-2 drops of the product on the stain.
4 Blot gently with a tissue paper

Some stains require more than just a few drops Repeat all steps if necessary.

Stain removed after a few minutes

Positive (+) :

* very handy
* can be use on most stains
* Non-toxic
* unscented
* locally available
* Proud Pinoy Brand

Negative (-)

* can’t be used on large stains

Notes:  Can be used on juice, coffee, milk, non-oily stains, pen marks and so much more!

You can get your own Tidy Heidy by getting in touch with their mobile: 09171300730

Email: tidyheidy@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/tidyheidy
IG: @tidyheidy

Until next time!


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