Dragon Product Review: Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle

Hello Sweeties!

I was pretty late in getting a sample of Pantene Pro V 3 Minute Miracle, in fact I thought I won`t be able to try it because, I missed out getting any of the samples from various sites, that is until EverydayMe! from P&G.

Check out the ingredients! I love that its most promenant ingredient is water.

I am so grateful. This product is always out of stock in the stores I frequent hence I feel so left out. But now I know what they are all raving about, and why the stores are always out of stock and why some of the bloggers post that they are stock piling / hoarding this 3 minute miracle.

3 minutes is all it takes. 3 minutes of soaking my hair in it for me to feel that my hair is changing, growing softer, less frizzy, untangling as I was it. I like this product because it feels so light and gentle and most of all non- greasy! It is no wonder that it is Cosmopolitan’s Beauty Crush

My damaged thirsty hair became ultra beautiful after the first wash. I also love the fragrance of berries in this product.

I am going to stick to this product that gives such great results. I am thankful to EverydayMe! because I finally got to try it!

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is available in all leading Groceries, Drugstores and Malls nationwide.

Until next time!

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