Dragon Product Review: Organic Baby Wipes Now Part of this Dragon Mommy`s Battle Gear


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Ever since I can remember my Mom always had tissues, alcohol and soap inside her ginormous bag whenever she leaves the house. As kids we used to joke that her bag was a bottomless mine of things we will ever need in our everyday life. (This includes rubber bands, paper clips stomach/pain meds, band aids and extra shirts for us). Now that I am a Mom myself, I understand and applaud how innovative she is. A Mom must be prepared for every emergency.

One of the must haves of every Mommy are wet wipes. Seriously no joke. I have two very active kids. Growing up I used up a lot of wipes mostly the large and very damp ones, I usually prefer to use a damp cloth and water for these messes but when you are nowhere near a water source or just can`t leave your child, baby wipes are just a go to.

At times I found that although wipes are helpful they can be irritating when you use it on the skin more so on baby/ child`s sensitive skin maybe because of the harsh chemicals like paraben and alcohol.

That was when Mommy Bloggers Philippines offered us Mommies to review a new brand of baby wipes, I signed up to try this.


Organic Baby Wipes promises us Mommies an answer for all our concern when it comes to safety and affordability. Organic Baby Wipes are infused with organic aloe vera, known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, to prevent nappy rash. What’s more, because they are organic, these baby wipes contain no harsh chemicals and are hypoallergenic. No paraben, No alcohol, No chlorine and No harsh chemicals. Organic baby wipes loves mother earth so they are 100% biodegradable, thicker and softer than regular baby wipes.

*** when you pull on it it is not soaking wet like the other brand, just nice and damp
***  Mildly scented
***  Not harsh on the skin and did not give me rashes after use
*** Kept my skin moisturized (because it contains aloe vera) and it is non drying
*** No sticky feel after using
*** Very compact and fits the my smallest purse
*** The adhesive seal stays put event after several pulls. I don`t have to worry about the wipes, drying up because the adhesive closure broke.
*** Non-toxic and environment friendly

*** Not readily available in all stores but I think they are doing something about this.

Dragon reminder: Having mentioned that Organic Baby Wipes are 100% Biodegradable,( this is what makes them a cut above all the other brand available in the market)  I need to mention this before hand that although it breaks down quicker that does not give us the license to dispose of them haphazardly.  So make sure NOT to Flush them down the toilet or drain! Check out what happens when you do in this article.

Dragon Chatter`s Practical use for the Organic Wipes (other than the usual)
– Getting the deodorant stain off dark clothing
– Use it to sanitize the tables and chairs in a public places to make the place germ free for your kids
– Putting them inside a cooler with ice for those long travels with the kiddies it is a great and refreshing wipe down during a trip.
– Cleaning your tablet, phone or gadget (for the little one their toys) well more like disinfecting every now and then, the wipes are actually gentle enough not to scratch the gadget.
– You can use it to clean your pet`s feet after he played outside and/or to wipe their fur off to lessen their shedding.


Organic Baby Wipes has become part of my arsenal you can tell I have almost use up this one

I carry a pack of these Organic Baby Wipes everyday, it is part of my work/Mommy battle gear.  I am assured that it is gentle and safe for my family to use and will cause minimal harm to Mother Earth.  I usually store them in a cool place (below 25’C according to the packaging)  away from direct sunlight so it won`t dry out.


These large Organic Baby Wipes are the best when traveling. Put them in a cooler with ice, perfect when trying to refresh yourself during your long trip with the family

It is available in 80 wipes, 20 wipes (travel pack) and 30 wipes (extra-large size for adults).

Organic Baby Wipes is currently available at Babyland (Shaw, Eastwood and Festival), Baby Zone (Fisher Mall), Baby Steps (Festival), Fisher Department Store, Modern Mama (Banilad, Cebu), Unimart (Greenhills), Pioneer Center, Makati Supermarket (Alabang), Jewel Tone Kiosk (Robinsons Magnolia) Wellworth Department Store (UP Town Center) ; and online thru The Right Stuff Online, The Purple Cradle, Baby Mama, Lazada and Cudsly.

Check out their FB:  https://www.facebook.com/organicbabywipes/
Instagram: https://instagram.com/organicbabywipes/

Until next time!

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