Dragon Product Review: Experience Military Grade Protection for your iPad Mini with Urban Armor Gear

U1Hello Sweeties!

I got Raffy a iPad Mini to use in lieu  of her laptop, which is bulky. An iPad Mini weight less and she can travel with it everywhere since she likes to read and take photos when we are on the go.

I got her a generic iPad case when I first purchased the gadget, I have yet to find a case suitable for the iPad Mini that is until Urban Armor Gear.

What is UAG? Urban Armor Gear or UAG is founded in Southern California, U.S.A. considered the hot bed of adventure play. Their products inspire the very nature of adventure. You can tell by the design of their products. UAG pushes the limit of conventional ideas.

I was very pleased for the opportunity to review their iPad Mini Case.

Want to know more? Read on!

UAG sent me this iPad Mini Case called Navigator, they have 2 other designs available but I choose this one because Raffy wanted her iPad Mini Case be slim, light weight and in a feminine color.


Packaging in the clear case the show the contents of the case

Product specifications:

Designed for Apple iPad mini, iPad mini 2, & iPad mini 3
* Armor shell and impact resistant soft core
* Feather-light composite construction
* Over sized tactile buttons
* Easy access to touch-screen and ports
* Glare-free flash photos and un-compromised audio
* Scratch resistant skid pads and screen surround
* Customizable vents to keep things cool
* Design: Navigator
* Price: $39.95 or roughly 1,850php


Guarantee that it will fit all iPad Minis

Raffy own an iPad Mini  2.  The UAG Navigator s compatible to ALL iPad Minis, it does`t matter what version iPad Mini there is an assurance that it`ll fit.


The package comes with the back cover in two colors and the case itself

The package comes with two color (black and orange) back cover and the UAG compact case itself.


Closer look at the colored back covers.  


UAG Composite Case has this unique design and customized vents

You can see that the  composite case (its patented)  is designed with a hard outer shell and a soft impact resistant core. So in case Raffy accidentally bumps her iPad Mini or heaven help is drops it on the floor, it is cushioned.

Based on my experience with Apple and their products in general, they really check at the corners and edges of the product to find out if you were lapse and this actually affects the warranty or replacement.

It has these customized vents that keep things relatively cool for your gadget. Although to be honest, the iPad Mini rarely gets hot enough for that.


Back Camera

On the front of the case an engineered bezel deflects unwanted flash interference and ensures beautiful pictures every time.


Speakers are open


Side buttons for  volume control and screen lock/rotation button are accessible

U19 U13

You can choose to use the colored back covers, here is how Raffy
uses it.  Although she says when she uses both color covers at the same time, the case too snug, so she opted to have just use just the orange.

What Raffy liked the most about UAG Navigator iPad Mini Case is that it is so thin. It’s like her iPad had no case but it is well protected at the same time.  It has surrounding skid rubberized skid pads is very helpful whenever she grips her iPad Mini, so no slips!


Raffy posting with her brother Jar

The screen and the ports are accessible unlike her previous case which has the cover that interferes whenever she takes photos or when she browses the net.


Raffy slips her iPad Mini inside her book bag and it doesn`t take that much space.

If you are looking for a durable tough, featherweight cases, UAG offer military-grade shock protection for smartphones and smart tablets, without adding extra bulk.  Although Raffy is has no need to take her iPad Mini on extreme adventures, it is good to know that UAG has military-grade protection against shock and bumps.

UAG hugs her iPad Mini like second skin and keeps it safe until she is ready to use it.

I am uncertain if this product has a Philippine distributor, but with these great specs, I hope they can bring it here where a lot of techies can finally be at ease when using their tough, light weight and fashionable gadget cases.

To learn more about UAG: https://www.facebook.com/UrbanArmorGear/

To order their cases: http://www.urbanarmorgear.com

Until next time!


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