Dragon Product Review: Chocovron and the Amazing Variety to a Favorite Pinoy Pasalubong

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Before the Holidays, I got a PM to review a set of locally made polvoron. Since I loved food and anything sweet. I readily agreed. Little did I know, that there were such variety in polvoron.

Polvoron is a traditional Filipino dessert of Spanish descent. It is a mixture of toasted flour, milk, sugar, and butter shaped into a bite-size cake as a delightful treat. Like Reeses’ peanut butter cups, One just isn’t enough!

ChocoVron is the brain child of Joel and his wife Marissa, it was their desire to make an all-time favorite Filipino delicacy into something extraordinarily special, like Polvoron. It led to the creation of ChocoVron, the first chocolate coated Polvoron.

Like all small business ChocoVron was sold to family and friends but word of the a great and unique product travels fast and they became famous in bazaars. Soon after they started appearing in groceries, department stores from their 10 packs a day production it grew into the thousands!

Check out these fantastic varieties:

Manila Polvoron: Classic, Cookies & Cream, Pinipig, Assorted

Seven Flavors of an old time favorite polvoron  This is Manila Polvoron — a toothsome treat made with powdered milk, toasted flour, butter, and sugar – is definitely one the Filipinos’ all-time favorite snacks or desserts. Manila Polvoron proudly offers a healthier and more flavorful way to enjoy this traditional milk candy. Enjoy the extraordinary flavor of their polvoron. Manila Polvoron come in Classic, Pinipig, Squash,  Amapalaya,  Malunggay all these with mixed with crunchy pinipig, Cookies and Cream, Cashew,  and if you just want to have a taste of they come in the assorted pack above.

Each box of ChocoVron variety is pack for export quality. See you the Manila Polvoron is vacuum sealed.

These are ChocoVron best seller, the 1st and Original Chocolate Covered Polvoron.

Polvoron just got even better and more delicious! Our favorite powdered milk treat is now smothered in irresistible chocolate coating. There is absolutely no preservative and no sugar added, so anyone can enjoy the wholesome goodness of our well-loved ChocoVron. One bite is never enough!

Chocolate Coated Polvoron

They also come in the fantastic Strawberry Pinipig darka nd white chocolate coated polvoron that I fell in love with.

Rite Snack: Assorted, Classic, Strawberry, Melon, Ube and Buko Pandan

Chocolate Flavored crispy wafer roll with polvoron filling.  My son Jarod is addicted to wafer sticks and Barquilios.  I was pleasantly surprised that Chocovron has this enjoyable delicacy encasing the traditional Polvoron in a light and crispy shell, then completely covering it with a thin layer of chocolate. This innovation transforms the traditional Polvoron, a delicious concoction of toasted wheat flour, powdered milk, sugar, and butter, into an exciting snack to be enjoyed by itself or served with coffee or tea or milk for merienda.  Rite Snack comes in original flavor or in flavors of classic, ube, buko pandan, melon, and strawberry.   We usually pair this with low fat milk or have it with ice cream!

Veggie Vron: Pinipig Squash, Pinipig Malunggay, Pinipig Amapalaya

ChocoVron polvoron that you love, is made even tastier and healthier. It is now blended with Ampalaya or Bitter Melon, Squash, and Malungay.  Do you have trouble convincing your kids to try veggies, this product would a a nice way to convince them to try out something sweet as well as nutritious and healthy. Surprisingly Ampalaya is my favorite variant.

NutriVron: Malunggay, Ampalaya, & with Pineapple Bits

NutriVron, these are non-coated Polvoron with the same vitamin- rich veggies. This variant comes in the most Sugar Free variety. ChocoVron uses stevia, a natural sweetener, best for people with sweet-tooth, diabetic loved ones, or for those who are just watching their diet.

My Dad is 82 and a diabetic, I discovered that diabetics crave sweets more now that it is forbidden to them. I am so glad there are a lot of ChocoVron varieties that have veggies and no added sugar.

ChocoVron Global Corporation’s Innovative Ideas Center made this dessert more exciting by infusing fruit bits, nuts, cereals, cookies, and vitamin-rich vegetables. With the indigenous people from Surigao del Sur in Mindano, ChocoVron commits to contribute to economic development and show to the world the ingenuity of the Filipinos driven by its rich culture and heritage. This is the coolest thing ever. Over the years there is such a boom in the food market and I am so glad that Philippine companies are stepping up to the challenge. Presenting tasty innovations like ChocoVron.

The ChocoVron brand is ingenious. Not only have they presented a well loved Pinoy sweet in a variety of ways, they have a ChocoVron fit for every taste, even those with sweet tooth, veggie lovers, diabetics can an joy it. My hubby is an OFW and a favorite “pasalubong” for his Middle Eastern bosses are polvoron, I am glad ChocoVron is Halal Certified as well.

Go local and buy local try ChocoVron , Polvoron like no other!

ChocoVron is available in leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide!

Check out their Website: http://chocovron.com
Follow their IG: @chocovronph

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