Dragon Pandemic Reads: Komiks from Epik Studio

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Before the enhanced community quarantine started, it takes me 2 ½ hours to get to and from my house to work; that a lot of unproductive time spent on the road.

Since I abhor staring into the faces of strangers or into space with nothing to do, I read. Today, I will be sharing with with you my first batch of “Pandemic Reads” .

WARNING: I don`t really encourage the kids to read on a moving vehicle since it will definitely ruin their sight like it ruined mine but most kids have smart phones so and do so anyway but I digress.  A few months ago, I attended several Komik conventions and got all the current volumes of EPIK Studios (and I also got a free shirt for good measure).

Most of the books I read for this first batch is from EPIK Studio.

EPIK Studio is a modern mixed-media creative hub composed of writers, artist and other creatives.

Pedro Peduko

I was attracted by their first book, Francisco V Coching’s Pedro Penduko, first published in 2016. I have to admit I was first attracted to this book because of the colorful illustrations and the color modeled after former PBB grand winner James Reed.

Bad ass illustration

Pedro Penduko is a Filipino komiks character created by National Artist for Literature Francisoco V. Coching, he is also known Dean of Filipino Komiks and has had several incarnations including a TV series.


After Pedro Penduko, released an original concept Republika that shows the secret descendants of our National Heroes; Bonifacio, Mabini, and Gabriela Silang while they fight modern-day foreign invaders with the elements of the supernatural.


Bernardo Carpio

Bernardo Carpio, a legendary hero of Philippine mythology a man of great strength, trapped between two mountains and caused earthquakes, but this version they had him in modern times to make up for his sins.

Bernardo Carpio


Osyana, is Epik Studio’s 4th graphic novel and like all the other books it is set to introduce Philippine mythology to new generation reads and fans.

Osyana is a sea goddess and her current incarnation is an orphaned Badjo – sea gypsy.

Maria Makiling

Maria Makiling is the latest book that they launched last 2019. The character Ria was first introduced in Pedro Penduko’s book. In this book everything comes in full circle.

I heard that Viva Films is making film based on Epik Studio’s first graphic novel this time with Matteo Guidicelli as Peter/Pedro.

It took me a month to finish these books. I book per week, take note that I only read them during my commute home; I took my sweet time reading.

Why I decided to read the graphic novels during my commute? I do enjoy looking at the colorful illustrations and it is simpler to pick-up where I left off while reading them.

If you are interested in the books, you can buy them at any Fully Booked branch or go to their  webpage : www.epikstudios.com.ph/ or their FB: facebook.com/EpikStudiosPH/

What to you think of my “Pandemic Reads”?  Do you reading during your commute?

Let’s chat on the comment page.

Until next time,

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