Dragon Gadget Unboxing plus Initial Impression of the Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker with Auxiliary Cord in Turquoise Blue

Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker in Turquoise Blue Price: 399php

Hello Sweeties,

This week, I decided to get a small compact speaker that I can take to work and travel. While browsing on line I found the Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker.  After work I went to Technopop Eton Centris to see if they have it on stock.

One of the reasons I checked it on in an actual store rather than buy it on line is that I wanted to personal see the item and to test it out.

Fits the palm of my hand

I have small hands, it fits comfortably on my palm. The design is sleek and posh and looks and feels high quality.

Kingsley is designed in Berlin, Germany but made in China, you can go anywhere with it since it so small, compact and light. It fits in a small bag or you can hang it on the strap of your bag or rucksack .

View of the speaker from all sides.

Product Specifications

COMPATIBILITY :    Any Bluetooth Device
PROTECTION-DIMENSIONS  :  71 x 71 x 38mm
PRICE: 399php (SALE)

The box comes with a charging cord and an auxiliary cord that you can use if the phone, tablet or unit is not bluetooth compatible.

Size Comparison to iPod Classic

Connected to my iPod Classic

Quick Connect to my iPhone 8 plus via bluetooth

What I like about it so far:

    • Compact and light it fits my small hands
    • Comes in fashionable colors ( Piano Black, Valentino Red, Turquoise Green & French Vanilla)
    • Quickly connects to my bluetooth devices
    • Entire look is very posh and of high quality
    • Clear sound and the audio does not break
    • No garbling or spotty signal
    • Comes with loop that you can use to hang it on your bag or rucksack
    • Great price point at less than 500php for a quality speaker.

What can be improved:

  • I hoped to use my compact speaker even without turning the speaker on to conserve the power but I need to have it on to use it.
  • Longer playing time, 2 hours is a short time to party (lo)

Check out my Unboxing of the Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker in Turquoise Blue

All in all is the Kingsley Designer Fabric Bluetooth Speaker worth the money? Most definitely  great audio quality, compact, light, stylish perfect for a basic portable bluetooth speaker at 350php, they also mentioned a service warranty of 3 months and 3 days unit replacement, not bad at all.

Will be updating this post once I tested the speakers more and found its secrets and quirks.

Until next time,

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