Dragon Gadget Review: Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Amazon Fire 7 version 2017, 8G

Hello Sweeties,

It has been a long while since I posted. It has been a rather busy year for me, so my blog has been in hiatus for some time.   So on the last night of 2017 and close to 2018, I write about a gadget that I have been using for the past month, the Fire 7 or formerly the Kindle Fire.

The Fire 7 came in an envelope, not really a box

I love reading, one of the reasons why I got a tablet was because I had this inane tendency to read 3 -4 book titles at the same time. It’s hard to lug around so many books on my way to work. (I also have this bad habit to reading while traveling – kids don’t try this, you will damage your eye sight). I still love printed books mind you but for traveling I wanted a tablet.

I used to carry my iPad 2 a lot but It has become burdensome because of the weight since is 1.33 lbs. Almost as heavy as my Harry Potter and Chamber of Secrets Illustrated Edition and I have no plans of carrying that book everyday since I live a commuters life of like 4 PUJ rides going to and 2 PUJ rides going home not to mention all the walking… so I wanted a lighter tablet to use. I was aiming to get another iPad Mini but alas it is too rich for my budget.

I started doing research on a reasonably priced tablet that would fit my book, manga, anime and movie addiction and I could also use to browse and check out my social media apps and most of all it has to be light.

Fire 7 plugs and buttons

Spec of the Fire 7 (2017 version)

Powering up my Fire 7 up

After more than a month of testing it and trying everything out, I conclude that I am very happy with my Fire 7. I call her Nymeria. 

Some of the features I love about my Fire  7. (UPSIDE)

  • Size and Weight.  – it is so small I can carry it inside my purse everyday. and it smaller than my trade paperbacks only it is lighter and I can load all the ebooks I want to read. Yes even e-pubs which is not the Amazon’s ebook program but all you have to do is to download an app to read all your personal pubs.
  • Expandable memory of up to 256GB – I have a 32G tablet that I never even fill up (perhaps because I have a separate External Storage device for all my files. I am currently using a 8G micro -usb that I have not yet filled up yet.
  • Clear and beautiful display for my videos – the videos are clear and the audio passible, I often watch my downloaded videos on my free time and it is pretty helpful for Mommies like me who do a lot of waiting for kids who have lessons and classes.
  • Audiobooks in all formats are playable – I had some trouble with my iPhone when playing some of my new audiobooks mb4, I listen to audiobooks whenever I travel via PUVs. (I do this wirelessly more on this in another post soon)
  • I can read all my manghwa, mangas and fanfics via the available downloadable apps.
  • Separate Kid log-in – with my iPad 2 I had a hard time trying to reconfigure it again after my son started using it.  So this Kid lock feature is wonderful!
  • Alexa – This is Amazon’s version of Siri , although I haven’t gotten the hang of this it is amazingly fun.
  • Pocket friendly price – I got my Fire 7 this November from the Instagram: @nelsonkrx for around 3800php (79$) You could find it at a lower price but I bought from this seller in the past and he is reliable and honest.


  • No Casings available for Fire 7 or Screen Protector Since this Kindle is not as popular as the Apple or Samsung products so I had to order one from overseas and I have been waiting for it for almost a month.
  • Some of my favorite apps are not downloadable.  – Like WordPress, Athena Korea, Manga Rock, Pay Maya, Viber etc because Amazon has their own App Store. I was told they have a way around this but I am such a tech noob that I don’t even bother to find out how.
  • Pretty slow if you are a hard core gamer  – I am not a gamer but my son was pretty sad that this is slow…
  • Paid Ads on a loop as a screen saver – I can always have it removed for 20$  but that is a bit pricy, so for now it stays.

For a demo of how I use my Fire 7, Check out my video below.

If you just want an entry level tablet that just does the rudimentary functions, an e-book reader, music and movie lover but have no intention of splurging the Fire 7 is the one for you.

Tell me what you think about the Fire 7?

Let me know.

Until next time!

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