Dragon Foodie Review: The Urban Cafe, Wilcon Home Depot Masinag Antipolo

Hello Sweeties!

I lived in the near the Masinag area for several years but I never went inside the Wilcon Building. For those unfamiliar, Wilcon is a place were you can buy wholesale construction supplies. Who would have thought that the place would house a hidden foodie gem?

I am not really sure if all Wilcon Builders have branches of The Urban Cafe but this branch is pretty small with just 4 tables that sits around 4 people each.

I really liked that at first glance you see the dessert display! Lol.

Original Crocodile Burger at The Urban Cafe Masinag Price: 170php

To clear all misgiving about eating crocodile meat well the Urban Cafe serves fresh crocodile meat that is GMP, PAWB, NMIS-AAA, and HACCP Certified. All of the croc meat are from Coral Agri-Venture Farm, Inc., home of Dundee Croc Meat. The farm is a full-fledged farm, which opened in 1990. It 2000, it was accredited to farm Philippine Crocodiles from PWRCC- Palawan Wildlife Rescure & Conservation Center, a gorvernment-operated facility.

With that knowledge we can now enjoy the low calorie, low cholesterol and very very delicious meat. Personally, I found it very tender and honestly it tasted like chicken.  lol

Clubhouse 190php

This clubhouse is unfortunately is not Croc but pork. Bursting with filling and on wheat bread, it comes with cheese potato chips.

Pasta Crocodile Sausage Arribiata 190php

Pasta Croc Arrabiata 160php

Raffy enjoyed this Pasta dish a lot. The croc hungarian sausage is slight spicy, the pasta firm to the bite and the sauce undeniably relish!

Toffee Cake 135php

Banana Toffee Cake 125php

The Urban Cafe version of the banoffee cake, the fun part is the crust of this cake is powdery graham instead of a hard crust. It is not as sweet as it looks.

Chocolate Carrot Cake Price: 120php

Chocolate Carrot Cake Price: 120php

I also ordered this lovely cake. I wanted something healthy but I also wanted chocolate. Hence, a Chocolate Carrot Cake; The very best of both worlds! I love the texture and the thickness of the chocolate and carrot cake.   A whole cake cost around 1,000php.

Double Chocolate Squares and Cashew Brownies Price: 40php per piece

Double Chocolate Squares and Cashew Brownies Price: 40php per piece

I wanted to bring a bit of The Urban Cafe home to my kids. I decided on Double Chocolate Squares and Cashew Brownies and for the price it was a steal. Raffy really loved the Double Chocolate Squares, because it was so fudgy and thick. Jar liked the nutty Brownies and consumed 2 pcs in one swallow. I kid you not. These were perfect with the fresh milk we had on the fridge.

I would have liked if the place was bigger, not conducive to dinning in.

Until next time!


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