Dragon Foodie Review: Sisig Society Sizzling Feast Promo

Sisig Society Sisig Feast

Hello Sweeties!

The beasties and I came from an event in Makati,  and you know how I hate staying in the area long because of hectic atmosphere. We opted to have our late late lunch (it was around 2pm) at our favorite stop over, Eastwood. Raffy felt like having sisig, a personal favorite.

Sisig Society located at Eastwood Walk we go. This was not our first time dinning there but it has been a while. The place was empty when we got there. Rightly so since it was around 2:30pm and the lunch hour crowd came and went. We had the place to ourselves!

They had a special summer offer, They call it the Sizzling Feast, it has their bestsellers, Crispy Pork Sisig, Spicy Chicken Sisig, Crispy Kare-kare and Sisig Nachos, for only P599. The meal is good for 3-4 persons depending on their appetite and comes with 4 ice teas and 4 servings of plain rice.

Want to know more?

Sisig Nachos from Sisig Society

Sisig Nachos

The food was served all at once and the wait time was not long. The kids were very excited not to mention hungry, So we tried everything at once.

The Sisig Nachos was very generous but a bit strange for me, the nachos were crispy and the pork bit as well. I am used to Nachos with tomato sauce instead of mayo, I thought this is a bit cholesterol rich for me.

Best Seller Crispy Pork Sisig

Crispy Pork Sisig

The kids polished off the Crispy Pork Sisig, no wonder it is a bestseller.  Crunchy crispy in each and every pork ridden bite.

Spicy Chicken Sisig Sisig Society

Spicy Chicken Sisig

The Spicy Chicken sisig was ok, not as crunchy as the pork but duh it is chicken, I was wanting it to be a tad more spicy. The kids did not feel any spice at all.

Crispy Kare Kare Sisig Society

Crispy Kare-kare

Out of the four dishes served, this is my favorite. I only ever tried one other Crispy Kare Kare dish and this is a close 2nd. Like large chunks of bacon like pork strips with fresh veggies. It was crunchy! The sauce was not as piping hot as I would liked… hell I would have preferred it to bubble and sizzle. The Bagoong was served with the sauce, I could`t find it!  I would have preferred it on the side and  not mixed in.  All in all it is a great dish and had some promise.

The price for this meal was worth it. Like before I would have wanted the dishes to be sizzling, but they assembled the dishes and the served it quickly, I guest it is ok.  It is ok to indulge on these pork filled dishes once in a while. And pork lovers like my beasties love it. So if you are in an area close to a Sisig Society branch, I suggest you try it yourselves.

Sisig Society:
Opens from 10:00 AM – 2:00 AM


Eastwood City Walk, Libis, Quezon City
Ground Floor, Solenad 3, Nuvali, Laguna
SM North
Sky Garden, SM North EDSA, Misamis St. Quezon City

Check out Sisig Society`s FB account: https://www.facebook.com/sisigsociety

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