Dragon Foodie Review: Salu Salo the Filipino Feast, UP Town Center

Salu salos, the filipino feast

Hello Sweeties!

My beasties and I were craving for Pinoy food. I know there are a lot of places to eat but since we were at UP Town Center, I decided that we should dine at the very popular Salusalo at UP Town Center. The beasties and I rarely go out these days together since I have been so busy with a lot of work.  This is a SunDate for all of us.

It was not easy to get a table at Salusalo because a lot of large groups seem to enjoy dining here. Rightly so, since the price is very reasonable for the serving size.

We were lucky there was a free table for us as soon as we walked in.

Calamansi Juice (50php)

The drinks came as soon as we ordered. I ordered Calamansi Juice for my drink, This is not the instant mix kind, and you have to fix it properly so you won`t get a surprise with the calamansi taste.

It took bit wait time but all our orders came.

Garlic Rice (45php)

The kids wanted garlic rice, I prefer the steamed rice. Like that their garlic rice is not oily, there is a clear scent of garlic along with the Pandan rice scent.

Kare-kare Buntot ng Baka (320php)

My beastie Jarod wanted to try the Kare-kare, the sauce was really tasty! My son loved it along with the vegetables… yep my son likes greens! The vegetables are fresh and the beans firm to the bite. I had him taste a bit of the bagoong paste although he is allergic to seafood, coz it taste really good with a smidge of bagoong. The meat or the Ox-tail was so tender and delicious! My son had an extra rice so he can finish off the sauce. (lol)

Lechon Kawali ng Lipa (250php)

Raffy is a creature of habit, she would either try the crispy lechon or have shrimp. Today she decides to have pork. The pork was very crispy, I liked that it came with ensaladang manga with bagoong, the pork was great even without the sauce.

Classic Pinoy Menu

I really enjoyed out meal at Salusalo, We ended up spending just 850php for 3 persons.  Mapapa extra rice ka ! ( you will definitely have another cup of rice) I also liked their semi-sweet bagoong, they have it available in small bottles at the front of the store!

Bayan Beasties eager to for classic filipino lunch

I really liked the service, they pay attention to the guests and the table turn over is really quick.

My kids and I were so full! I am glad we decided to try it there. If you are craving for Classic Filipino food, no fuss no creative fusion add, You might want to dine at Salusalo. The dishes are like what my Nana (Great Aunt) Nene used to cook for us.

Openings 10:00 Am – 9:00 PM
Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Until next time!


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