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Marikina City is a haven for foodies. Salliano`s Restaurant and Bar recently opened its doors to diners last September 19 and has become the talk of the city, having bought the very popular UP Dharma Down, to play live in its establishment.


Located behind the posh Condominium units of Marquinton at Guerrilla Street Sto Nino Marikina City, Salliano’s is divided into 3 sections, The Main Dinning area which is air-condition and can accommodate 60 people, the lounge area or what I like to call the al fresco where you can dine in the fresh air and finally the bar where the  you can watch a live band play and have a drink or two with your besties.

Salliano`s known as the home of biggest Spoon and Fork in the city of Marikina is the brain child of 5 friends, who want a to serve great home cooked food with the recipes from their Moms and Grandmothers, the old fashioned taste all of us are familiar with and love.

Now you know about the venue, curious about the food? Read on!

Salliano`s Menu

sample menu at Salliano’s


 Caramel and Mocha Frappocino Lemonade Iced Tea and Strawberry Juice

Caramel and Mocha Frappocino Lemonade Iced Tea and Strawberry Juice

I liked the Caramel Frapucino and reminds me a great deal of my usual order at the gourmet coffee shop. The Strawberry Juice is mixed just right and not too sweet.


 Three -Cheese Artichoke Dip served with toasted Baguette 220php

Three -Cheese Artichoke Dip served with toasted Baguette 220php

I am sucker for dips, a very nice way to whet your appetite for what is to come.

Classic Fish and Chips 220php

Classic Fish and Chips 220php

The fish is crunchy on the outside and soft and moist in the inside. I also love their “chips” or potato wedges.

Country Fried Chicken

Country Fried Chicken 390php

Crispy crunchy half-dozen Chicken Wings and Legs in a Bucket. This reminds me of the fried chicken my Grandma used to cook for me as a child. Crunchy and NOT breading filled, seasoned with salt and pepper, it brights back a lot of memories for me, since it was my comfort food growing up. It is great even without the gravy!

Main Entre:

Osso Bucco

Osso Bucco with Gremolata Sauce 320php

This is an unfamiliar dish, although I have heard of this before from my Dad.  A Italian dish that means bone with a hole, cross-cut veal shank cooked in white wine and broth until the meat falls off the bone.  The meat is so soft and flavored so well that the beef taste so fresh and this is best enjoyed with a lot of rice.

Callos 270php

Callos  270php

This Spanish stew or ox-tripe stew, the tripe and shank is boiled until tender that it melts in your mouth.

Meat Balls ala Salliano served with grilled pita 380php

Meat Balls ala Salliano served with grilled pita 380php

One of Salliano’s specialty dish, I found it unusual that it is served with pita bread but these gigantic meat balls, are soft, flavorful with meat well grounded (no hard lumps) and delicious. I doubt if you can finish one on your own.


Truffle Carbonara 280php

Truffle Carbonara 280php

The Carbonara is no is seasoned just right and perfectly compliments the truffles.


Pasta de Mariscos 290php

Shrimps and Mussels with tomatoes in oil, a great alternative to those who prefer seafood to “meat” in their pastas. A nice alternative if you want to go healthy but still enjoy your meal.


BBQ Pork and Beef Ribs served with Spanish Rice 370php

Pork and Beef a great mix, the meat was marinated in a special sauce that has the nice sweet but peppery taste.


Pugon Fired Salliano`s Pork Crackling 420php

When dining at Salliano`s this is a MUST try in their menu, the skin is so crackling crunchy the meat well cooked. My Mom makes lechon like this, in a pan and cooked inside an oven. What’s NOT to love? But tread lightly…remember your cholesterol.


Paella ala Salliano 490php

The ultimate complete meal Paella ala Salliano has everything! According to the owners they use 3 different grains on this Spanish specialty making the texture and consistency of the rice extra unique.


Castarones de Salliano 130php

This scrumptious dessert is light, sweet and the perfect cap to a heavy meal. A personal recipe of one of the owners.


Creative minds behind Salliano’s

I am thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the Bloggers Event at Salliano’s.

Marikina City has always been a foodie haven, Salliano’s is a great addition to their number with their traditional heirloom recipes that taste like home.

It is the perfect place to take your family and friends, if you want a meal like the ones your Mom or your grandma used to make.


Kids 7 years and below can dine for free

Like their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sallianos/

Until next time!


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