Dragon Foodie Review: Marison’s Robinson’s Place Antipolo

Marison’s at Robinson’s Place Antipolo

Hello Sweeties!

Robinson’s Place Antipolo has been open for more than a year and this is the first time I ever visited it. Maybe because people from the Lower Antipolo have always preferred to going down to the Marikina area rather than brave the upper reaches of Antipolo proper.

This time it is different. I just had to be a part of the Marison’s Foodie Meet-up for Zomato. Not only will this be my first ever foodie meet-up for me in Antipolo, so I am so looking forward to it.

Madison`s Menu

Although, Robinson`s Place Antipolo is just 11 minutes away from my house I never ventured there. A tendency I need to stop since I now found reason to visit it often, Check out the Marison`s menu above, such a great price point for family who want a great meal within a reasonable price.

Want check out what we had? Read on!

I arrived late, but they were just taking photos of the food. Which was a relief!


Deep Fried Kesong Puti (295php)

Fried Lumping Kaesong Puti served with spicy pineapple sambol dip.  – Crispy, sweet salty the same time this starter is a great merienda treat that I know my kids would consume once the plate is set down. The dip is perfect addition to the entire dish, a bit of ump once it comes together in your tongue.

Empanada (225php)

Papaya and pork filled empanada deep fried to perfection. The crust is flakey but not enough to break apart when you bite into it. Best eaten nice and warm.

Pork Lechon Wrap (225php)

Shredded pork topped with bihon wrapped in romaine with savory honey sauce  – Reminds me a lot of my favorite Korean pork wrap, but just as delicious.


Roco Salad (220php)

Mixed greens with grapes, queso de bola and cashew nuts and special dressing.  – I enjoyed the texture of this dish a lot, such a great mix of flavors. Not your standard salad fare.


Salmon Belly Singing sa Miso (320php)

Salmon belly in miso based singing. -The dish was served piping hot, and perfect for the rainy season, I also liked that they added pears instead of the standard singkamas (turnips).

Main Dishes:

Grilled Salmon sa Miso (330php)

Fresh Norwegian salmon fillet grilled and glazed with honey miso sauce and caramelized peach. –  I really loved the combination of the peach and the grilled salmon. If you are going to order this dish, it is best to eat the salmon with a peach.  I know Raffy will enjoy this dish since she likes salmon a lot.

Angus Beef Bicol Express (450php)

Angus beef hanging tenders in spy coconut milk. – An unusual take on bicol express, they would adjust the spiciness of this dish upon request.

Krispy Tripe Kare-kare (375php)

Tender beef in peanut and cashew based stew topped with crispy tripe – I usually have Kare-kare  because of the vegetables, it was the first time I had crispy tripe. If you look at how the dish was prepared with the twisted beans and halved tomatoes; it`s really pretty. Also my other favorite dish from this meet -up. The creamy peanut and cashew sauce was a win! Their home made bagoong alamang is not bad. So far they have not bottled it to sell.


Sotanghon Guisado (200php)

Sotanghon noodles with chicken, shrimp and vegetables. – This generously topped sotanghon dish is my other favorite. To be honest, I am a Italian pasta person and I rarely have any sotanghon but this dish I really liked.  The vegetables are still fresh and they have tenge ng daga (black fungus mushroom) in the mix!


Fluffy Halo-halo (120phhp)

Marison`s makes their own smooth ice! I liked that it is not the chip ice variant where my teeth get strained due to the sharp edged ice. Remind me of the Bingsu Raffy and I had at Katipunan. They also mentioned that they make their own halo-halo ingredients, from the jelly, leech flan and ube!

Sans Rival (160php)

Layers upon layers of meringue with just the right month of sweetness topped with macadamia nuts.  –  Most of the Sans Rival I have tried are very sweet so at time you can't finish a slice, with Marison`s you actually enjoy every bite and of course the macadamia nuts are a plus!

Frozen Brazo (130php)

Brazo de mercedes on top of mentecado ice cream and crushed sweet apa. – I love Frozen Brazo; Marison`s have one of the best.

Sumaka (120php)

Suman infused with candied cashews , covered with coconut and topped with ripe mangos served with chocolate dip – Interesting dessert my Dad would go for, very subtle but filled with flavors. A must try.

Foodie Bloggers with the Zomato team and Ms Marison

Marison`s serves native Pinoy dishes with their own twits. They made certain that the ingredients they use in their dishes are the best with the freshest produce and more often than not the dishes are made from scratch.  I also like that their prices are very reasonable that the whole family will have great and filling meal.  This branch is rather small, but you can dine indoors when it is super hot or al fresco since they have tables outside. Their staff are friendly polite and alert.

I want to thank the Zomato team and of course Marison`s owners for the opportunity to dine at their Robinson`s  Antipolo branch. I will visit again this time with my hungry children.

Store hours:
10 AM to 9 PM
Upper Ground Floor, Robinson’s Place Antipolo,
Sumulong Highway, Dela Paz, Upper Antipolo, Rizal

Until next time!


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