Dragon Foodie Review: Ka Tunyings Cafe Visayas Avenue (Open Rice)

KT 23

Hello Sweeties!

I have been working in the Visayas Avenue area for sometime but I never went beyond the 7/11 area in search for food. This is a mistake on my part, who knew that there were a lot of great food finds so close to my work place?

One of them is Ka Tunyings Cafe. Owned and named after one of the TV host and Anthony Taberna or best known as the “punto-por punto” man of ABS-CBN`s morning show Umaging Kay Ganda (Beautiful Morning).

KT 8

So after a 5 minute jeepney ride along Visayas Avenue, I find myself facing the 2 story establishment of Ka Tunyings Cafe.

KT 33

The first floor composed of their bakery and they mostly serve an interesting variety of breads. More on that on my next post focusing on the breads and pastries.  For this post I would focus on the All Day Breakfast meals and the wonderful ambiance of the dining area found on the 2nd floor.

KT 6

The Tables and chairs were carefully designed for Ka Tunyings and were shipped to manila from Nueva Ecija.

KT 5

They have a TV monitor that features the wonderful dishes served at KA Tunyings. Of course in the mornings it shows Umangang Kay Ganda *wink-wink*

KT 3

Lovely Paintings on the walls decorate the establishment. Almost all depicts the image of a woman, the goddess or perhaps Earth Mother

KT 2

I love this corner with the mirror, Notice the chairs have the handles of cups.

KT 1

The enclosed private area


KT 9

Various selection go drinks. coffee based, teas and juices

KT 19

One of their more interesting Anghang Cocotino (135php)

Talk about a cold drink that packs a punch. This Anghang Cocotino is blended Arabica coffee, labuyo, condensed milk, coco syrup and cream. It gives you a little kick after every gulp perfect with their breads or with their All Day breakfast meals.

All Day Breakfast Meals

Who says that breakfast should only be served in the mornings? I love that Ka Tunyings Cafe have their breakfast sets available all day. Finally a go-to place to indulge in my comfort food craving.

KT 20

Daing Silog (195php)

KT 18

Pandesal Platter (195php) Corned Beef, Spanish Sardines, Adobo Flakes and Egg

KT 13

Chicken Tocino served with Adobo Rice (195php)


Tapsilog (195php)

KT 22

Cornbeef Meal (195php)


Longsilog Meal (195php)

Most of their comfort food are standard fair, you can request to have it in plain rice (if you don`t care for their adobo rice). What I like about the Ka Tunyings breakfast meals is that they don`t exceed 200php per plate. My favorite meal is the tapsilog, not too peppery, with just the right hint of spice.

Merienda style

Large seeing of Lugaw

. Large serving of Arroz ala Tunyings (150php)

KT 12

Tsamporado with tuyo  (150php)

Perfect merienda snacks! Beautifully plated, similar to that of the 5 star hotels.

Unique Preparations of our comfort food.

KT 15

Chicken-pork Adobo (185php)

KT 14

Boneless Pork Belly Meal (295php)

Baked Bangus Meal

Baked Boneless Bangus Belly (225php)

They also have these very unique meal preparations, I really like their Baked Boneless Bangus Belly. They have the bangs belly baked in béchamel sauce. My son thought it was a lasagna plate with rice (lol).

KT 10

Kalabasa Enseymada (30php)

Delicious, caramel, cheesey cream rich soft bread. Satisfying with Ka Tunyings Cafe signature drinks.

Ka Tunyings Cafe, a great place to have a quiet  meal, the beautiful decor and unique furniture piece makes a great conversation starter. The food is comfortingly familiar that you are not overwhelmed to try anything from their menu.

I am really thankful to Ka Tunyings Cafe and Open Rice for inviting  me and the other other bloggers to discover what Ka Tunyings had to offer.

Until next time!

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