Dragon Foodie Review: Hidden Gem found in Marcos Hi-way, Oliva Bistro Cafe

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Hello Sweeties!

I was surprised when I got an invitation from Zomatoph for a Foodie Meet-up along Marcos Hiway. A road I actually frequent going home. I hardly ever see any interesting dining areas along Marcos Hiway other than those inside the malls.  Oliva Bistro and Cafe  located in front of Slimmers World Marcos Hiway is virtually hidden from the road. Although they have that sign at the  front I felt, it doesn`t really encourage people to turn right towards this area.

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The venue`s decore is simple and very similar to that of their Visayas Avenue Branch. At the lower right Executive Chef Kannan, one half of the owner of Oliva Bistro Cafe

The decor of this venue is similar to that of their counterpart in Visayas Avenue. The colors are simple and clean, the place is family friendly. According to Executive Chef Kannan, he is Indian by birth but Pinoy in heart, he decided to stay in the country and marry his wife Eden. They like to think of Oliva Bistro Cafe not a “fusion” restaurant but a place that serves hotel style food without the steep price tag. Their menu is a great mix of American, Italian, Singaporean, Indian, and of course, Filipino.

Are you excited to learn about the dishes Oliva they served? Read on!

Iced Tea and Milk Tea

Oliva Bistro Cafe’s Iced Indian Milk Tea (220php)  and Iced Tea(195php) brewed from tea leaves imported from India.

Cool and refreshing, it was a pretty hot and humid that that these Oliva Teas are such a great start to our meal. Out of the two drinks I really enjoyed their Iced Indian Milk Tea. There is the perfect bitter after taste, delicious and unlike that of the commercial milk teas, I have had before.

Rot Prata with Curry Sauce

Roti Prata with Curry Sauce (P 80).

The rich curry sauce blends well with the hot roti, and you can specify the heat level for the curry if you prefer a mild spiciness. The soft, chewy and unleavened bread is perfect in soaking up the tasty curry sauce. This really got my appetite whet for the upcoming dishes to be served.


Nachos (295php)

I enjoyed this dish, the nachos at just the right thickness, even if the dish sits for a bit it does`t soak up the ingredients making it difficult to get even a small bit of the toppings on top. I also liked the added greens on top and the grated cheese. With commercial nachos, the cheese is cream-like and poured liberally, with Oliva`s Nachos, there is the opportunity to taste and enjoy all the toppings without the over powering taste of cheese.

Chef`s Wife Salad

Chef’s Wife Salad (P 195)

Fresh crisp romaine with slices of tender grilled chicken, caramelized walnuts, ripe mangoes and grapes in a deliciously different dill dressing. The dill dressing gives this dish a rich and sharp note that complements the fruits and crisp greens.  I rarely find a salad which mangos in it so this is a treat for me.The mangos were surprisingly sweet although it is off season for them

Greek Farmer`s Salad

Greek Farmers Salad (215php)

Fresh romaine, onion, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, drizzled with honey balsamic vinigarette. This salad is very refreshing. The dressing of honey balsamic vinegarette is light and tangy. This is the perfect salad for the hot and humid country like the Philippines.

Pasta Oliva

Pasta Oliva (P 135 Solo, P 195 Sharing),

Pasta Oliva is a simple olive oil and garlic based pasta with so much flavor from the sun-dried tomatoes, olives, capers and parsley. A meal in itself, a cool healthy option.

Fettuccine with Chicken in Basil Pesto Cream

Fettuccine with Chicken in Basil Pesto Cream (180php solo, 295php sharing)

I previously mentioned that I often gravitate to non-red pastas whenever I have the opportunity. Perhaps is because I usually make pasta with red sauce at home and I haven`t tried making any other kind. I really enjoyed this Fettuccine in Basil Pesto because each of the pasta noodle is coated well with the basil pesto. The basil is fresh and the olive oil use is mild and subtle. making this dish one of my favorites served during the event.

Butter Chicken Masala

Butter Chicken Masala (P 230, available in mild or spicy),

Boneless tender chicken breast cooked with Indian spices in tomato and butter sauce, served with butter parsley rice. The creamy, bright orange colored sauce is richly spiced, great with the butter parsley rice, or some roti. The tender chunks of chicken breast is perfectly cooked, and the masala sauce pairs well for some awesome flavors.

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Tandoori Chicken Tikka (P195)

Skewered boneless cubes of chicken breasts with coriander chutney and yoghurt raita, eat while it is hot. This is actually a great meal if you are not into rice. The pita bread dipped in the sauce and the wonderful skewered chicken.

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Chicken Teriyaki (295php)

Boneless Chicken leg quarter cut into strips. The chicken is tender, perfectly seared, the sauce coated every strip of the chicken making the flavors stick and pop when you consumed.

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Beef Shish Kebab (650php for 5 pcs)

The beef is moist, tender favor packed that you dip in this greek sauce called tzatziki.  A interesting alternative to the usual wrapped kebabs I usually have at the malls.

Baked Tiger Prawn

Baked Tiger Prawns (690php for 5pcs)

This is by far my favorite dish of the day. I rarely have prawns mainly because my son is allergic to seafood. The prawns wear large and coated with cheese and buttery goodness, it is so hard to have just one when you want to much on all five.


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French Apple Pie ala mode (145php)

The apples were still firm and sweet but no over poweringly so that it will put you off finishing this dessert. I love that it is crumbly with the Apple pie still warm and the ice cream cold making for a great contrast to the mouth and tongue when eaten.

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Vanilla Panna Cotta (100php)

The Panna Cotta is so divine. It was set just right, not too firm or watery.  I also liked that it tasted light creamy and not too sweet. The perfect sweet addition to your meal if you want to end your meal light.

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Mini cheese cakes in Salted Caramel, Strawberry and Blueberry Flavors (130php each)

These are my favorite among  the dessert served.  These bite size cheesecakes. I tasted a lotof cheesecakes from different shops.  I tried the ones set in jello that I really did not enjoy. The cheese cakes that are baked will always be the best.  Also liked that they used a chocolate flavored crust for these mini cheesecakes with nice bits of actual fruit on top.


I enjoyed my time at Oliva Bistro Cafe Marcos Hi-way.  This place is a hidden gem along Marcos Hi-way. If I was`t familiar with the area I would have likely missed it since their signage is hardly seen from the road. On the plus side, there is plenty of parking spaces. Oliva Bistro Cafe has the quiet ambiance perfect for families who want to have an intimate place to dine.

They also have these great store promos you can try.

Party trays also available you can get their full listing by calling their number 631-63-09

Like their Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/olivamarcoshighway/

Thank you to the owners Exceutive Chef Kannan and Ms. Denden for the warm welcome and delicious meal, Thank you Zomatoph for the introducing this awesome Oliva Bistro Cafe.

Until next time!

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