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Bistro Charlemagne

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I found myself in Sta Rosa Laguna which is a miracle unto itself since I rarely leave the safety of the East. It was during an event with other Mommy Bloggers that we found ourselves in this very high-end rest called Bistro Charlemagne a fusion of European and Asian cuisine. The menu is full of traditional recipes along with all time favorites. I heard that Bistro Charlemagne was chosen to cater for the 2015  Ariana Grande concert for all backstage and Ariana Grande herself.

Although I did not have time to take photos of the interiors, it is very elegant and comfortable. They are open for walk ins and private functions.

Are you excited to see the dishes? Read on!

Bistro Charlemagne Fried Lumpia (Vietnamese spring Rolls)

Vietnamese Spring Rolls (245php): Vietnamese fried spring rolls stuffed with glass noodles, pork, crab, mushrooms served with nude cham dipping sauce.

Such a delicious dish. Great starter to any meal, I am particularly enamored with this because I love glass noodles and seriously this is a meal unto itself since it has everything. Meat, noodles and veggies.

Bistro Charlemagne Fried Rice

Yang Chow Fried Rice (265php): Pork asado, shrimp,leeks,lettuce, carrots, green peas and egg.

Delicious fragrant fried rice, we had a lot of this.

Bistro Charlemagne Fried Chicken

Little Asia`s Crispy Chicken (295php) : A classic house specialty chicken with freshly made savory gravy . A family recipe passed on from the owner`s grandfather since the 1950s

The Crispy Chicken was so tender and juice, it falls off thebone. The other mommies and I forgot there was even a sauce because it is so tasty without it.

Bistro Charlemagne Shrimp

Cantonese Prawns (455php): Sautéed prawns covered in melted cheese and cream cheese

I know now why this is such a bestseller. The prawns were huge! Along with the béchamel sauce it is just perfect. I have to admit I was so happy NOT to be allergic to seafood. I had a lot of these.

Bistro Charlemagne Crispy Pork Curry

Crispy Pork Belly with Peanut Sauce (295php): Pork belly with crispy crackling skin drizzled in peanut sauce with chili and sweet peppers

Hands down everyone`s favorite. I admit, we event called it crispy kare-kare at some point until one of the staff corrected us., we were asking for the shrimp paste (bagoong). The pork belly was crispy and crunchy just the way I liked it and paired with the peanut sauce it really took me back to the way my Mom made her Kare-kare, with very little sauce. The pork belly is definitely the star of this dish.

Bistro Charlemagne Suman

Pandan Crepe (225php): Soft pandans flavored crepe filled with shredded coconut stewed coconut cream and coated in palm sugar

For dessert we had the Pandan Crepe, reminisce of the suman my Tia Nene used to make with pandan, coconut and panucha (the solid block of brown sugar they sell at the market).  A small portion of this is enough to cleanse the palate since it was very sweet.

For a while there I forgot my diet. Not that I was ever in one. The dishes are unique but in a way gives you a nostalgic feeling as you partake of it. Kinda reminds your Mom or grandparent`s cooking.

What also surprised me about Charlemagne is the prices are so affordable, and the portions large enough for sharing with 3 people.  A great place to take family, friends for a nice satisfying meal.  I would like to take my family here, if we are ever in the Laguna area.

Bistro Charlemagne
Solenad 3, Nuvali
Santa Rosa
Phone: (049) 258 084

*Personal review, not a sponsored review.

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