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Hello Sweeties!

My BFFs and I wanted to hang out during a Holiday a few weeks ago.  After looking for a parking spot at UP Town Center for 30 minutes, we were starving. I started looking at my Zomato App to find a place to dine.  Pasta was what we were craving for. We ended up at Mama Lou`s Italian Kitchen at the ground floor of the old UP Town area.

We were lucky enough to find a free table, the place was buzzing even past  1PM with people having their late lunch.  Lucky for us, the turn over of Mama Lou`s is quick.

Nacho Platter

Nachos with Salsa, Melted Cheese and Ground Pork  275php

We were given complimentary bread and dips even before we started to order. Let me just say YAY! We were starving!

We ordered starters /antipasto first, a nice large Nacho Platter that came with 3 dips. I loved that the Nachos are nice and crunchy,  I kinda wish they had more dips or at least have the dips refill. We finished off the dips and there were a lot of Nachos left.

Wanna learn more about our Pasta selection? Read on!


Calamari Plate

Fried Calamari 195php

I really loves how fresh the calamari are.  When you bite into them you don`t need to chew several times (like bubble gum) before you taste the lovely calamari.

We agreed to order different pastas to try them all out.

Pesto Penne Pasta

Penne Pesto Al Pollo 295php

Myns ordered Penne Pesto Al Pollo, It looked pretty plain. The taste is plain too. Either that or it had a tad too much Pesto and not enough of anything else like seasoning.

Shrimp Formaggio 325php

Shrimp Formaggio 325php

Chet had the Shrimp Formoggio, I dunno about you but, don`t you think the sauce is a bit too much? When we posted a photo of the food, her cousins asked if this dish was soup or Palabok. lol. In fairness, it tasted nice, but they should have lessen the sauce or added pasta to balance it out.

Spaghetti Arribiata

Italian Sausage Pomodoro 295php

This is what I ordered since I wanted something with a bit of kick.  We enjoyed it a great deal. This was the best pasta.  The sausage was mildly spicy and the sauce perfect, the noodles ardent! We finished this off right away.

The staff were attentive, they did not need to be prompted to refill our iced teas or one wave we get one to get water. The table turn owe was quick and efficient. We even witnessed a birthday song from the very enthusiastic staff.  Down side is no wifi and network signal for my network is very weak.

Mama Lou`s Italian Kitchen
Store Hours:
11 AM – 10 PM
Ground Floor, UP Town Center,
Katipunan Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City

Until next time!


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