Dragon Beauty Review: Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper(too cool for school)

Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper to Sponge (230php) – 6% off

Hello Sweeties!

Do you ever get the feeling that people are staring at you not because you are pretty, but because of  your extremely oily face – so oily you can deep fry chicken on it?

I got my 2nd Althea Korea box, with orders that coincide with their 1st year anniversary. One of the items I found interesting is the Too Cool For School Dinoplatz Dear Brachiosaurus Oil Paper to Sponge.

I am not sure if they have this item available at the too cool for school shops in manila, but I found this item interesting because clearly,oil paper is a must have for every girl. Every girl like myself who is constantly fighting a battle with oiliness.

Well you are in need of oil control paper to less the oil but keep your make-up intact.

Want to know more details about this product? Read on!

It is actually a compact

I really like that it is a compact with a mirror. No need to carry a separate mirror when you have this with you. And if you are like me, that would find yourself oily after 15 minutes being outside, this is very convenient.

The sponge with an adhesive back

The sponge itself has an adhesive back that picks the paper up individually so you don`t have to use your hands while patting the oil paper on your face.  The oil paper is 100% Mulberry and it is very gentle on facial skin while getting all the oil out


  • it comes in a compact with a mirror
  • the case is sturdy and won’t break easily even when dropped
  • the oil paper won`t wrinkle or be contaminated because it is in the hard case
  • the oil paper turns soft after a few pats on the face
  • the oil paper absorbs oil easily, you don`t have to press too hard
  • you can reuse the case
  • there are 5 adhesives in the sponge so if one is worn off, you can peel it off and reuse the sponge
  • its refillable


  • Not readily available in stores
  • Comes in only 50 sheets of oil paper
  • No available refills of the oil paper or sponge
  • Pricey

I really like this product, although it is a bit pricy. I am glad I can reuse the case and refill it but I guess not with the same product, but at least I will lessen the oil paper I will use coz the  adhesive on the sponge picks up one paper at a time. No more shinny shimmering oily face for me!

You can order this product at Althea Korea

Until next time!


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