Dragon Foodie Review: Pinoy Comfort Food Finds at Full Belly Craft Kitchen

Full Belly Craft Kitchen VenueHello Sweeties!

It has been a while since I attended a foodie meet up by Zomato Philippines. I was very excited to return to Tomas Morato to check out the 4 month old Full Belly Craft Kitchen. A few blocks away from GMA TV Network, away from the hustle and bustle of the usual busy Morato area. It is easy enough to find though,  I actually got off at the nearby gas station and walked to get to this restaurant. I did not mind. It just served to whet my appetite.

Full Belly Craft Kitchen 2nd Floor

Full Belly Craft Kitchen`s 2nd Floor

 The 2nd Floor can hold up to 50 guest comfortably. I particularly like the home style feel to the place and the vintage accessories displayed. The ambiance is clean and easy on the eyes. Young children can come in and be comfortable, with no fear of breaking anything. A great place to take you family for lunch.

Home Brewed Iced Tea Full Belly Craft Kitchen

Signature Iced Tea

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